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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Top 5 jobs of 2023, have you seen? These professionals will have bat-bat

Layoffs have been seen in big companies around the world. But there are a total of five such job roles, including digital marketing strategists and content managers, where tremendous growth is going to be seen.

Worldwide, where large-scale layoffs are being seen in many sectors including the IT sector, there are some job roles for which demand is increasing. The hiring trend is looking good for these job roles and their demand is increasing every day. This year there are five such job roles, which are in great demand and will be seen in the future as well. In such a situation, this is good news for those people who are studying to do these jobs . Let's see which are those jobs, whose demand is going to be highest this year.

According to Shekhar Garissa, CEO of, formerly known as Monster APAC & ME, Digital Marketing Strategist, Business Analyst, Content Managers, Wealth Management Expert and Market Research Analyst are the top five non-tech/IT jobs. Which are going to be in most demand this year.

Digital marketing strategist

Shekhar said, with the increasing digitization and spread of the Internet, a new change has been seen. That's why there is a huge demand for digital marketing strategist. In the last few years, there has been an increase of 23 percent in such roles. He said that the people working on this post work to make marketing strategy for digital media.

Business analyst

The job of a business analyst is to help the organization make the right decisions based on data-based information. Also work to improve performance. The demand for such roles has increased rapidly in the last few years. The job market for business analytics is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.3% till 2026.

Content managers

Shekhar said, content manager is the most demanding job these days. Earlier the role of content manager was limited to creating content to gain traction on the website. But today due to technology and design tools, this job has become very relevant. He said, there are many things including copywriting, blog writing, technical writing, video curation, graphics, SEO, which come under this.

Wealth Management Expert

Investment banking organizations help in managing funds and identifying the risks associated with it. The job of a wealth management expert is to help the organization plan and manage funds for a project. Their work is also like that of an advisor. There was an annual increase of 11 percent in the wealth management experts job.

Market Research Analyst

The main job of a Market Research Analyst is to collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data based surveys, interviews and focus groups. Nowadays social media analytics is also considered a part of this. Market research is becoming the key to success in every business. It is also getting a lot of traction.

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