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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Elderly couple's open love, 'grandmother' said- I luv U, 'grandfather' turned red with shame; View VIDEO

Dada Dadi Viral Video: The video of a desi 'Dadi' openly expressing love is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Grandfather's reaction in the clip is worth watching.

Valentine Day Viral Video: Khullam-khulla pyaar karenge hum doon … This song from the 1975 film 'Khel-Khel Mein' is sitting perfectly on the lovers of love today. Yes, February 14 means today is Valentine 's Day . Love birds are completely immersed in each other's love. The 'world' of social media has also become buzzing with the videos of love birds. Meanwhile, one such love-filled video has surfaced, which has won the hearts of netizens. In the viral clip, an elderly Amma is seen expressing her love to 'Dadaji' by giving flowers with great love. The reaction of 'Dadiji' on this is worth watching .

In the video going viral, you can see an elderly woman standing in the field openly expressing her love. Dadi Amma is standing with flowers in a very romantic style. The very next moment smiling she gives flowers to the elderly person sitting in front and says loudly- 'I Luv U.' You should not miss the reaction of 'Dadaji' on this. 'Dadi' becomes so ashamed of 'Dadi''s open love that don't even ask. Believe me, you too will lose your heart on this cute couple's video.

See here, the open love of an elderly couple

This very cute video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named beautiful_world_pixs. People are liking old Amma's expression of love so much that they are watching it in loop. Hundreds of people have liked the video so far. This number is increasing continuously. At the same time, the people of the Internet are fiercely registering their respective reactions.

While commenting, a user has written, Dil jeet litta tusi dadi. At the same time, another user has showered his love on the video through heart emoticon. Another user has written while commenting, this is a cute video. Overall, Dadi's open love has won everyone's heart.

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