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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

This girl cannot speak, listen or see. Now she will give MP board exam by 'pressing someone else's hand'

Gurdeep Kaur Vasu is the most special among thousands of candidates who are going to appear in the 10th board examination in Madhya Pradesh starting from March 1. Let us know why this is so.

10th board exams are going to start in Madhya Pradesh from March 1. All the preparations have been completed for this and the students are also eagerly preparing for the commencement of the examination. Among these students, there is also a student who cannot speak, hear and see, but is going to appear in the MP Board Exam this year. There is a lot of discussion about this student. There are many reasons for this, one of which is that this student is also going to answer the questions by 'pressing her hands'. This is because the student talks in sign language by pressing fingers and hands.

The name of this student is Gurdeep Kaur Vasu, who is the most special among the other students giving the board exam. However, this 32-year-old woman, who has an amazing yearning for studies, cannot speak, hear and see. But in his eyes, like a common student, he has a dream of getting a good job by studying and writing. The preparations for the Board Exam in Madhya Pradesh have been completed and the students are eagerly waiting for it to begin. Gurdeep Kaur Vasu, a resident of Indore is also among these students.

For the first time such a student will give board exam

District Education Officer (DEO) Manglesh Kumar Vyas said that Gurdeep Kaur Vasu (32), affected by different disabilities, has applied as a private candidate to appear in the 10th board examination. He told, 'As per my knowledge, this is the first case in the history of the State Board of Secondary Education, when a candidate who is unable to speak, hear and see will appear in the High School Certificate Examination.'

How will you write the answer?

The DEO told, 'Gurdeep is a promising student and she has done a lot of preparation for the 10th examination. In such a situation, we would like that whatever they have learned while studying, it can be recorded in their answer book during the examination. He told that in view of the special condition of Gurdeep, he would be provided with an assistant scribe during the examination as per the rules of the Board of Secondary Education, who would be conversant in sign language.

Talks by pressing fingers

Anand Service Society, a non-governmental organization working for the disabled in the city, has prepared Gurdeep for the 10th examination by taking special classes. Monika Purohit, director of the organization and an expert in sign language, said, Gurdeep communicates with a person in the language of signs by pressing his hands and fingers. We also have to press his hands and fingers according to this language to convey our message to Gurdeep.

What does Gurdeep want to become?

When Gurdeep was asked through Purohit that what she wants to become after studying, she replied in her special language that after completing her studies, she wants to get a job related to computer work in an office. Purohit told that Gurdeep has chosen social science, English, drawing and science subjects for the 10th exam.

Gurdeep's younger sister Harpreet Kaur Vasu (26) is helping him in preparing for this exam. Harpreet told, 'Gurdeep is always insistent that whatever lessons he has learned in the class, he should sit with me and repeat them at home with the help of Braille script. Seeing his yearning for education, I do my studies after his studies.

Gurdeep is disabled since the age of 5 months

Gurdeep's mother Manjeet Kaur Vasu told that Gurdeep was born in a city hospital before the due date of delivery and her daughter was kept admitted in the hospital for some time after the birth due to health issues. She told that when Gurdeep was five months old, her family came to know that she could not speak, hear or see.

Manjeet alleges that after the birth of Gurdeep, due to the negligence of the doctors in his treatment, his daughter became a victim of three types of disabilities. He said, Gurdeep is very fond of going to school every day and studying like ordinary children, but there is no such school in the city which can teach special children like him. The government should open special schools for such children.

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