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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Thakur did not listen to Shastri, made a mistake on the middle ground, then lied

Former India fielding coach R. Sridhar has told in his book that during a Test match in Australia, coach Ravi Shastri had asked Shardul Thakur to convey a message on the field and he could not do so.

Former Indian team fielding coach R Sridhar has recently written a book titled 'Coaching Beyond: My Days with the Indian Cricket Team'. In this book, Sridhar has made many surprising revelations related to Team India. In this book, he also made revelations about the news of estrangement between Pant to Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. Now another thing has come out from his book. Sridhar has told that during the Test match in Australia, Shardul Thakur lied to the head coach Ravi Shastri.

Sridhar wrote that Shastri had asked Thakur to convey a message on the field, which Thakur did not, and when the coach asked him, Thakur said he had conveyed the message, but later learned that Thakur had not. Was. This is the case of the match played in Sydney on India's tour of Australia in 2021, in which the pair of Ravichandran Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari played a strong innings and saved the match fighting after injuries.

Thakur did not listen to the coach

Vihari suffered a leg injury in this match and therefore he was having trouble playing Australia's off-spinner Nathan Lyon. And Ashwin standing on the wicket with him was having trouble playing the bouncer of the fast bowlers. In such a situation, it was decided at the time of tea that Ashwin would play the off-spinner and Vihari the fast bowlers. But both of them took a single off the off-spinner's ball. Shastri got angry seeing this. He again called Thakur and told him, “Listen to me carefully and go and tell him the same thing. Whatever happens, Vihari will play fast bowlers and Ashwin will play Lion. No single, the ends will not be changed. Got it? Thakur said, "Yes sir."

Sridhar wrote, “Thakur came back after some talk with both the batsmen. Then Shastri asked, 'You delivered my message? To this Thakur said, "Yes Sir, of course."

Later came to know the truth

Sridhar has written that it was known much later that Thakur had not conveyed Shastri's message to Ashwin and Vihari. Sridhar wrote, “The real truth came out much later. It seemed that when Thakur went on the field, Ashwin asked what was the message from the dressing room. Thakur replied, 'He is saying many things. But don't you guys worry. You guys are batting well. Keep playing like this. He didn't even give the coach's message. ,

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