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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Study abroad after 12th, that too absolutely free! These 5 countries are giving chance

Free coaching has been started by the UP Social Welfare Department for the preparation of UP PCS interview. The interview will be conducted in the month of February and March.If you want to get a degree from abroad and you do not have to spend much money, then for you we have brought a list of countries where education can be obtained for free and at subsidized rates.

It is the dream of almost every student to study abroad. But many students are not able to fulfill their dream due to the high fees and expenses incurred while living abroad. However, still there are some students who somehow manage to make money so that they can fulfill their Study Abroad dream. Generally, such students prefer to go to those countries, from where the degree acquired has value and also does not have to spend a lot of money. Apart from this, many students want to go to such countries, where free education is available.

Keeping these things in mind, we have prepared a list. In this, those countries have been included, where free or cheap education is provided. If you also want to study abroad. If you do not want to spend much money for this, then you can go to these countries and get education. Let us know which countries are included in this list.

Russia: Spread from Europe to Asia, this country has been an ally of India for a long time. Russia has always been a favorite destination for Indian medical students. Education in Russia is not free, but here foreign students are provided subsidized education. After completing the degree in Russia, students can stay here for 180 days and find a job.

Germany: Many prestigious colleges and universities are present in Germany, which is called the powerhouse of Europe. In most of these educational institutes, there is no need to pay tuition fees. Germany is also famous for tuition free universities all over the world. Students can study comfortably without paying tuition fees in colleges across the country including the capital Berlin.

Brazil: Education is free for Indians in the public universities of this country located in South America. But before admission, students have to give a test of Portuguese language. The list of famous universities includes Federal University of Catarina, Federal University of ABC and Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

Austria: This European country is very popular among students because of its low tuition fees. Students thinking of taking admission in graduation after passing 12th can check courses in Vienna University and Salzburg University.

Norway: Famous for its natural beauty, this Nordic country has come up with a scheme to provide free education to foreign students. If you want to get free education in Norway, then you can take admission in public universities here. The Arctic University of Bergen University and UIT Norway provide affordable education to foreign students.

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