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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Should high cholesterol patients eat eggs or not? Get your confusion removed here, will not make any mistake

Eggs And Cholesterol Problem: A lot of cholesterol is found in eggs. In such a situation, people suffering from the problem of high cholesterol are advised not to eat eggs. Now the question arises whether eating eggs can increase the cholesterol level? Let's know the reality about this.

Eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, which can have an effect on cholesterol.

Cholesterol patients can consume tofu and flax seeds instead of eggs.

Eggs May Increase Cholesterol: Eat eggs everyday whether it is Sunday or Monday… You must have heard this saying many times. There are some benefits of eating eggs and that's why many people consume eggs daily. Egg breakfast is also prepared in minutes. Most people get many benefits from eating eggs, but some people should avoid eggs altogether. Yes, patients suffering from the problem of high cholesterol should eat less eggs. Today we will tell you how cholesterol level is affected by eating eggs and how many eggs such patients should eat.

Medical News Today reportAccording to the cholesterol level in the body and the connection of eggs is quite complex. Egg proves beneficial for some people, while some people may have trouble with it. A large egg contains about 186 mg of cholesterol. According to the size of the egg, the amount of cholesterol can range from 141 to 234 mg. This is the reason why including it in the diet can increase the cholesterol level of some people. In a recent study, it was revealed that despite having a large amount of cholesterol in the egg, the risk of cardiovascular disease does not increase.

Eating eggs daily can increase cholesterol!

It has been revealed in many studies that eating eggs daily can increase the cholesterol level. It has been said in some studies that eating eggs does not make any significant difference on the cholesterol level. Although people should eat eggs in limit, otherwise there can be trouble. People who are allergic to eggs should also stay completely away from it. Overall, it can be said that if you consume eggs in small quantities then you will not be harmed.

What can be substitutes for eggs?

If you are struggling with the problem of cholesterol and do not want to consume eggs, then instead you can consume tofu, baked products and flax seeds. You will get plenty of nutrients from these things and you will not even need to eat eggs. Along with this, controlling the cholesterol level will also help to a great extent. Flax seeds can be considered a panacea for reducing cholesterol. You can also eat linseed seeds by mixing them in salads or other food items.

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