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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Rose Day 2023 Date: History of Rose Day, know why the first day of Valentine's Week is special

Valentines Week 2023: Rose Day is celebrated every year on 7 February. On this day, couples make each other happy by giving roses of different colors and express their love. Learn the history of the day and why this first day of Valentine's Week is special.

The first day of Valentine's Week is Rose Day and on this special occasion, couples express their love by giving flowers to each other. Couples wait for the Romantic Week i.e. Valentine's Week throughout the year and give roses or other flowers to each other on 7th February, Rose Day . Before the rose day, red, white, pink and yellow flowers are available in the market. On this special day, couples give roses to express their love and express their love.

Do you know that some historical stories are associated with Rose Day as well? Let us tell you the history of Rose Day and what special things you can do on this day.

Daily History. Rose Day History

It is said that giving a rose can impress 'she' in a pinch or a flower can bring a smile on 'her' face. The history of Rose Day is related to the Mughal period. It is said that Mughal Begum Nur Jahan loved red roses so much that her husband used to send tons of flowers as gifts everyday to please her. Her husband used to make every effort to win Noor Jahan's heart and sending roses from her was also a loving way.

It is also said that once upon a time, during the time of Queen Victoria, people started giving flowers to impress each other or to share feelings. Gradually this practice became popular among couples and since then lovers are seen giving flowers to each other.

Each color flower has a different meaning

Red Rose: It is common to give red roses to couples in love and married relationships. Because this flower is considered a symbol of expressing love to someone special.

White Rose: When there is a fight with someone, a white rose is given to persuade him. It is considered a symbol of peace.

Yellow Rose: Giving a yellow rose means that you want to extend a hand of friendship to someone. Apart from friendship, it is also considered a symbol of health.

Pink Rose: Not only couples, other people can also celebrate Valentine's Week. People can thank their parents by giving pink roses. By the way, girls also like Pink Rose very much.

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