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Friday, February 17, 2023

'Policemen' stealing children in Turkey, earthquake victims face new trouble

On the one hand the devastation of the earthquake destroyed everything and on the other hand the risk of kidnapping has increased. There is a fear of child theft in hospitals. Even people are adopting new methods.

The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria killed 41000 people. Apart from this, thousands of people have been injured. Along with this, don't know how many people are buried in the debris, which cannot be estimated. Meanwhile, a shocking picture has come to light in Turkey, in which a young man who tried to kidnap a child suffering from an earthquake from a hospital by posing as a fake policeman, has been arrested.

It has been told in the media report that the matter is related to the Samandag district of Hatay province of southern Turkey. The earthquake has caused havoc here. There is a fear of kidnapping of children in the area. Because of this precautions are being taken in hospitals and other residential areas. It is reported that he pretended to be the police chief and showed a fake ID card to the hospital staff, which was recognized by the staff. After this, he called the police with immediate effect and got him arrested.

When police arrived at the hospital, they found the young man had about £5,400 in gold, Turkish lira, dollars and euros, along with fake police and military ID cards. Turkish Family Minister Derya Yanik said on Monday that the natural disaster had separated at least 1,362 children from their families.

"Wonder Child" Aya's Fear Of Being Kidnapped

An attempt to kidnap the child has also been made in Syria. The "miracle baby" Aaya, who was born in the rubble of the house, has also been taken to a safe place for fear of kidnapping. This girl has made headlines all over the world because her parents and the whole family have perished in the devastation of the earthquake. The rescuers rescued the girl on 6 February. Aya was taken to a hospital near Afrin in the north of Syria, where she is being looked after and kept in an incubator. Her story has won the hearts of thousands of people around the world, but it is unfortunate that many people have falsely claimed to be Aya's relatives.

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