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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Painful! Mother forced herself to be raped to keep her sleeping children alive

When it comes to saving your pride or life. So everyone thinks of himself first. But there is a mother who put her honor at stake to save her children.

Be it about affection, bravery or tenderness of heart. Why is the victory of the mother everywhere? Probably because it is the mother who can go to any extent to keep her child safe. Then whether he wants to get himself raped or not. Yes, don't be surprised, this is not a script written out of thin air for a film made for the silver screen. This is a tragedy of the spirit of that courageous but unlucky mother, who allowed herself to be raped only because the rapist might kill her children who were sleeping nearby.

At present, the culprit of the rape of such a courageous mother has now been given strict punishment of total 22 years and 8 months. All this has become possible due to the wisdom of a courageous mother. Acting with courage and mind, he not only saved his own life but also saved the children sleeping in the room next to him from being killed at the time of the incident. Due to the understanding of a courageous and patient woman, the culprit has been given a strict punishment of 22 years and 8 months.

If the child wakes up from sleep, it would have been a murder.

If the woman had lost her temper at the time of the incident or had woken up both the children by making noise to save herself from the rape, then it was not a big deal that the rapist would have killed all three. Last Friday itself, the accused in the case, Petrus Ionte Apostoe, was sentenced at the Liverpool Crown Court. Two charges were made against him. One for burglary in a house, and the other for forcibly entering the house and committing sexual offences. On behalf of the prosecution, Lewis McCloskey told the court that, on the night of October 2 last year, a party was organized at the victim's house. All the acquaintances and friends who reached that party went back after attending the party around 6 pm. Shortly after this, the woman McCloskey, who was present in the house, saw that at the same time when she was sleeping in the house, suddenly someone pressed her face from behind.

She requested the person holding her mouth that she would not make noise. Being satisfied with this, the accused started raping the woman. For the first time, the woman felt that she should wake up the children sleeping in the neighboring room by making noise, fearing which the attacker would run away. But then suddenly it occurred to the woman that she would not do this. Because this will cause many losses. Firstly, seeing the mother sitting in a helpless condition in front of the rapist, those indelible and bad memories will be imprinted on the mind of the children, which the children will not be able to forget for the whole life, it will become like a canker for the children.

Secondly, the victim felt that it was possible that the rapist, agitated by her noise, might run away from the house after killing her. In such a situation, no one was ever to know, who might have killed McCloskey, who was present inside the house with the children, and why? The third reason, which the woman told in front of the court, shook the jury (the court bench hearing the case) as well.

This was the third reason

The brave woman told that, “Of course, by making noise at the time of the incident, it is possible that I could have saved myself from being a victim of rape. But there was no guarantee that if the children sleeping in the next room came out due to the noise of my voice, the accused of my rape would spare them from murder. That's why I thought it better to get my rape done silently after thinking a lot. Perhaps what I did that night was right to save my life and that of my children. If the life of me and my children had been lost that night, then the matter of arresting the culprit and sentencing him to 22 years' imprisonment was far away. My house would have been ruined.

The victim further said in the statement given to the court, “Instead of opposing the accused, I started helping him when the incident of rape happened with me. So that he doesn't doubt that I can oppose him at all. Satisfied with my behavior, the accused also raped me and quietly ran away from the spot.

According to the trial conducted in the court, at the time of the incident and after that, while fleeing from the scene, accused Apostoe had threatened the woman that she would not call the police. At the same time, after carrying out the audacious incident of rape, the accused asked the woman whether she was alright or not? This brave woman, who put her own honor at stake for the sake of the lives of the children, was later given medical treatment by the police. In the medical report, it was found that there were marks of injury on the knees of the woman and some other parts of the body.

What did the lawyer of the criminal say?

During the investigation, the police had also taken the DNA sample of the accused. Which later proved helpful in getting him convicted in the court. That DNA sample could be taken 12 days after the incident. After being convicted in all the cases on January 3, 2023, an attempt was made to talk to the accused Apostoe twice. But he never spoke. However, apart from all this, Paul Wood, who was the lawyer of the criminal, tried to defend his client. He said, “Apostoe (convicted convict) has been addicted to cocaine for a long time. He also carried out this audacious incident of rape under the influence of cocaine.

Convict's lawyer Paul Wood further says, "My client does not know English. He does not even have any of his own or his family members in Britain. That's why he should be helped. He apologetically admits that he is sorry about the offense. He needs rehabilitation and help to change." On the other hand, according to a report in the Daily Star, Judge Dennis Watson Casey, who sentenced the culprit of this audacious incident, said, "The culprit has not only forcibly entered the woman's house and committed theft." Rather, the woman has also been raped. This clearly shows your (criminal) intention that the crime was not committed by accident. You have committed the crime under planning. Therefore, in this case, the punishment awarded by law is the only right option left.

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