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Friday, February 17, 2023

Mahashivratri Recipe: Eat Sabudana Vada during fasting, stomach will feel full for a long time, it will be ready in minutes

Devotees of Lord Shiva observe fast on Mahashivratri festival.

Food items made of sago are preferred as fruit.

Sabudana Vada Recipe: Sabudana Vada can be made and eaten as a fruit during fast on Mahashivratri. Traditionally, after Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Vada is most liked in fasting. Its taste is wonderful and at the same time, after eating it, there is no feeling of hunger for a long time. Sabudana Vada is not only tasty to eat, it is also not very difficult to make. Everyone, from children to the elderly, likes the taste of Sabudana Vada. This recipe is prepared in minutes.

To make Sabudana Vada, sago, potato, groundnut seeds and other things are used. If you have never tried the recipe of Sabudana Vada till now, then with the help of our mentioned method, you can make and eat it very easily.

Ingredients for making Sabudana Vada

Sabudana – 1 cup

Peanuts – 1 cup

Boiled potatoes – 3

Green chilies – 4-5

Green coriander – 2 tbsp Black

pepper powder – 1/2 tsp

Rock salt – 1 tsp

Oil – for frying

Method of making Sabudana Vada

For the Sabudana Vada made for fasting, first clean the Sabudana and wash them two-three times with water and keep them soaked for 5 hours. In this time, the sago will swell and become soft. Now put peanuts in a pan and dry roast them on medium flame. If desired, you can also roast peanuts on low flame. Keep in mind that the grains should not burn while roasting. It will take 7-8 minutes to roast them. After roasting the peanuts, take them out in a plate and keep them aside.

Now mash the seeds with both hands and separate their peels. After this, grind the grains coarsely. If you want, you can also grind coarsely in the mixie. Now put the sago in a big utensil and add coarsely ground peanuts, black pepper powder and rock salt as per taste and mix it well. Add green coriander and green chilies to it and mix. After this, mash the boiled potatoes and put them in the vessel of sago and mash all the ingredients well.

Now take a little of the prepared mixture and make a round ball out of it and then press it between the palms and give it the shape of a vada. After this, keep the Sabudana Vada separately in a plate. Similarly, prepare Sabudana Vada from all the mixture. Now put oil in a pan and heat it. After the oil is hot, add Sabudana Vada and deep fry it. When Sabudana Vada turns golden and crisp, take it out in a plate. Similarly fry all the sabudana vadas. Serve ready Sabudana Vada with chutney for fruit.

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