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Friday, February 17, 2023

Historic day in Spain! Women will get the right to take paid leave during periods

The Parliament of Spain has taken a big decision for women, now Spain has become one of the few countries that gives women the right to take leave during periods.

Spanish lawmakers approved a law on Thursday that would allow paid medical leave for women who experience severe pain during their periods . Spain has become the first European country to do so. This law has got 154 votes out of 185 total votes. In a way, this is a big step of the country towards breaking the taboo. The government has informed about this. At present only a few selected countries give leave to women during menstruation. In which this facility is available in countries like Japan, Indonesia and Zambia.

Equality Minister Irene Monteiro tweeted before the vote, "This is a historic day for feminist progress." This law gives women the right to give paid leave for as long as they want during the period. During this, they will have the right to apply sick leave. Like other paid leave for health reasons, temporary medical disability must be approved by a doctor. The law does not specify the length of sick leave doctors can grant to women suffering from painful periods.

According to the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, about a third of menstruating women suffer from severe pain. The measure has created divisions among both politicians and unions. Along with the UGT, one of Spain's largest trade unions has warned that the law could stigmatize women in the workplace and favor the recruitment of men.

The main opposition Conservative Popular Party (PP) has also warned that the law "stigmatises" women and could have "negative consequences in the labor market" for them. "Menstrual leave" is one of the key measures in the comprehensive law, which also provides for an increasing number of abortions in public hospitals.

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