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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

High cholesterol slow poison for the heart! Do not ignore these signs even by mistake

High Cholesterol:
High cholesterol is a slow poison for the heart, if you are suffering from it then these signs are not good at all. You should try to deal with it soon and also curb eating some things.

High Cholesterol: We all sometimes struggle with the problem of high cholesterol in the body or may be struggling, but the increase in cholesterol is a dangerous sign. Continuous increase in high cholesterol acts as a slow poison in the body, which directly affects your heart. If you are suffering from high cholesterol then these signs are not good. Due to the accumulation of fat or fat layer in the body in excess, a wall is formed in the arteries around your heart, which you call the layer or wall of fat.

We all sometimes knowingly or unknowingly believe that increasing cholesterol is a bad thing, but doctors also believe that increasing cholesterol is bad, out of which the category which is bad to increase should be understood i.e. bad cholesterol in your body or otherwise. Say that the amount of LDL should remain in the range.

body needs cholesterol

Next time if you feel guilty after putting a spoonful of ghee in pulses, then be a little sensible. Our body needs cholesterol. You must have heard of good and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol is needed to keep our body healthy. Through this, healthy cells are also formed in our body, but if bad cholesterol increases in the body, then slowly start obstructing your arteries or arteries, due to which the circulation of blood does not go well and then your heart has to pump. It takes more effort and then increases due to heart attack.

Often you do a blood test to check cholesterol, so if after the test, if LDL ( low-density lipoprotein cholesterol ) is increased in your report, then you need to worry, but you can find out in time. What are the reasons for increasing cholesterol?

How to recognize that fat is accumulating in your body?

If you have pain in your feet while walking or jogging, then you should immediately get a cholesterol checkup done. There is a need to avoid diseases like PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease), because if PAD flourishes in the body, it means that a thick layer of fat accumulates in the arteries surrounding your heart, due to which the actual size of your arteries is Yes, it becomes smaller and the circulation of blood is less in your lower body.

Because of this, blood does not reach your feet and your toes properly. So if you have pain in your feet while walking then understand. This is not the reason for weakness in the body, but the circulation of blood is not reaching the feet. That's why pain occurs in the legs due to less blood reaching.

numbness or swelling of extremities

Where the pad prevents the circulation of blood to reach the feet, the result is that the color of the feet and soles starts changing, the pain increases and the pain increases more while walking. That is why if the feet become numb or swell again and again, then it is also a sign that you are a victim of high cholesterol.

skin problem

If there is more cholesterol in your blood, then it will also affect your skin, red spots may appear on your skin. Even on your face, because the skin of the face is more soft, that's why if the fat content in the blood is high, then it has a direct effect on your skin as well. That's why it is a sign. If more pimples come out on your face or pimples remain on the skin, the skin remains more oily, then this is also a sign. If you find any problem, then one of the reasons can also be the increase in cholesterol.

puffy eyes or swollen eyes

You must have seen that some people have puffiness under their eyes, this is also the reason for increased cholesterol or the signs are hidden in the nails too. These are signs of increased cholesterol. If you see something like this, then get your blood tested, so that cholesterol can be reduced quickly.

What is the treatment?

Of course you will go to the doctor after increasing cholesterol, you will be cured by taking pills, but Ayurveda also has a lot of power. You have to fix your eating habits in lifestyle. Oil is a big reason, that's why choose that oil, which is cold pressed in cooking, which is not refined.

Arjun's bark works as the best panacea to fight cholesterol. You will get this at any grocery store. Make its powder, soak it in one spoon of water every night and then filter and consume this water in the morning or make a decoction by boiling this water a little and then drink it. Your bad cholesterol will come under control in a month. Health is yours, if you stay fit then not only will you feel energetic at work but also you will be able to feel healthy in every step you take.

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