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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Garden Cress Seeds: From increasing breast milk to relieving period pain, 5 benefits of haleem seeds


Halim Seeds Benefits: Like chia seeds and linseed seeds, Halim seeds also have many benefits. There are many such benefits of consuming it, about which you might not be aware. Haleem seeds are rich in a variety of nutrients, which can provide relief to a person suffering from constipation, anemia, low immunity or period pain. You can make these seeds a part of any dish you want. We will tell you about many such benefits of haleem seeds here, after listening to which you would like to make this superfood a part of your food list.

haleem seeds benefits

1. Excellent source of iron

A tablespoon full of haleem seeds contains up to 12 milligrams of iron. This is about 60 percent of a person's daily requirement. This is the reason why haleem seeds are especially recommended for those people who are suffering from anemia. Consuming these can help in balancing the level of hemoglobin in them. 

2. Helpful in weight loss

Rich in protein and fibre, haleem seeds keep your stomach full for a long time. After eating these, you do not have any craving to eat anything for some time. These can prove to be very beneficial for those people who are trying to lose weight. Haleem seeds are low in calories and carbohydrates. This is the reason why it can help in reducing your extra fat. 

3. Get rid of stomach problem

Being rich in fiber, these seeds can prove to be helpful in constipation and indigestion. By consuming these, your stomach will be clean regularly.

4. Bone strength

Haleem is rich in vitamins. That's why they can work to strengthen your bones. It can also help people suffering from problems like osteoporosis. These seeds also contain folic acid and calcium, which promote bone strength.

5. Get rid of periods pain

These seeds contain phytochemicals, which can be of great help to women with irregular periods. New mothers are also advised to consume haleem seeds, as haleem seeds are helpful in increasing breast milk. 

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