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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Do not make these mistakes while applying face serum, your skin may be damaged!

Serum: Serum is a type of light weight moisturizer. Being water based, it gets absorbed into the skin very easily and quickly.

Avoid Serum Mistakes: In the last few years, many changes will be seen in the skin care industry. Different types of beauty products are coming in the market, which people are also including in their skin care routine. Apart from hair serum , now face serum has also come, which people are using on their skin. Along with pimples, wrinkles, dark circles also start working to stain beauty. So there is such a solution, which can provide relief from all these problems, that is the use of face serum.

But many people complain that their skin serum is not working properly. But many times while applying face serum, we make some mistakes, due to which we do not get the best results.

keep track of time

If the serum is not used at the right time with the skin care products, then the serum may not work properly. For example, apply sunscreen during the day and retinol serum at night. Always use serum and other products as per the advice of a skin specialist.

Take care of concentration

You should also take care of the concentration of your serum. If the concentration is more or less, the serum is not able to work properly on the face. Not only this, the high concentration present in the serum can damage your skin.

Not following a skin care routine

For the correct result of anything, it is necessary that it should be followed completely. The same thing is with our skin care routine. You start using skin serum regularly. This will benefit the skin.

Keep in mind the expiry date

While applying any beauty product, keep in mind its expiry date . Expiry products can cause a lot of damage to your skin. For this, whenever you buy serum, always keep in mind the expiry date. Along with this, buy serum according to the change in weather.

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