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Monday, February 27, 2023

Cyber ​​Fraud: An e-mail came and crores disappeared from the account, do you also make this mistake?

In the current technological era, cyber thugs have created a ruckus. There is hardly any place or country left where cyber thugs have not caught their eye. Knowingly or unknowingly, just one click done by you at their behest is enough to make anyone lose crores of rupees while sitting at home.

When there was a cyber attack on Britain's health system five to six years ago, the world was horrified by cyber criminals. That cyber attack had destroyed the fort of strong health services like Britain like paper in a few seconds. At that time, a powerful country like Britain could not even spare the cyber criminals. Since then, it is as if cyber criminals have picked up the harp to make a dent in the technology of most of the countries of the world.

It is now learned that cyber criminals have attacked the developed country from Australia. The bank accounts of the people sitting at home have started getting empty. All this is being done by cyber criminals only. Mastermind criminals are openly using Facebook and other social media platforms for online cyber fraud. According to statistics, in Australia alone, cyber criminals have caused an economic loss of 2 lakh 60 thousand dollars within just one year (12 months).

Greed to become a millionaire overnight

This is also confirmed by a news from 7News website. In fact, online fraud is being carried out by mastermind cyber criminals. They are criminals in the eyes of the law. For this, the people of Australia are also considered to be directly or indirectly responsible to a great extent. Those who are ignoring the government's warnings even after tremendous publicity has been done by the country's government to avoid such cyber criminals. Only and only in the greed that they will be made millionaires overnight sitting at home online.

This is the biggest greed which is looting the hard earned money of common people (people living in Australia) from their bank accounts. While this greed of the common man is proving to be the key to the success of cyber criminals, masterminds of online fraud. The most common use in this black business of online fraud is to make you click on an unknown email.

After all, how are the thugs targeting you?

However, since in Australia in the last year (2022), within 12 months, cases of fraud of 2 lakh 60 thousand dollars were reported through online fraud in this way, since then the government started warning people again. Is. The government has started advertising that, avoid talking to unknown people online about any shopping, gift related or selling old useless items of your home online. Because these cyber criminals are now indiscriminately using all the social media and online pay-transaction platforms to trap people who are unaware of their fraud formulas.

These platforms include Facebook, PayID, Marketplace, Gumtree and other social media sites and mediums. Gangs engaged in online cyber fraud are giving tempting advertisements of their fake companies on all these platforms, in which things related to online shopping, greed of expensive gifts are written in exaggeration. Along with this, these thugs are also targeting those people who are eager to sell their household goods online. The thugs involved in this gang, especially under the guise of buying and selling goods online, are grabbing money from people's bank accounts while sitting at home.

These thugs do not have to work hard for this black business of cheating. Just as soon as you click on the fake advertisement on their social media accounts or you get in touch with them through the advertisement given by you to the old stuff online. Similarly understand your hard earned money from your bank account, the process of reaching these cyber thugs starts without doing anything, and the one who gets trapped in their clutches comes to know only when his bank account is empty. It has happened.

Do not click on online advertisements even by mistake

These cyber thugs contact any such company or person online, who has advertised for the sale of their goods online. These thugs start a fake deal to buy his goods from that company or person. Just at the same time, all the personal information of those who shop or sell online reaches these cyber thugs while sitting at home. When the thugs get the bank account or other personal information of the victim trapped in the trap, they forget about buying the goods and entangle them in the work that the victim trapped in the trap is going to get a huge amount of money. He will become a millionaire overnight by clicking on an email. Just as they (cyber thugs) tell, the victim trapped in their trap should be done online. People caught in the trap of fraudsters in order to get huge amount suddenly, start doing the same as these thugs keep instructing.

That is to say, Australian banks repeatedly warn people that no online details are ever asked from their bank customers. Even after this, but people trapped in the web of online cyber criminals, sitting at home in a bid to become Dhannaseth overnight, by emptying their bank accounts, have made themselves suffer a financial loss of 2 lakh 60 thousand dollars in a year. In this black business of cheating, in fact cyber criminals are taking maximum advantage of that ID, nowadays it has become very popular in Australia by the name of PayID.

Thugs stole millions of dollars

Amber, a resident of Australia, lost his $500 after falling prey to these cyber thugs. As soon as he advertised a secondhand bed online, cyber thugs trapped him in their net by making him a buyer. The serious thing is that Amber, who suffered a loss of $500 at the hands of cyber thugs, checked Commonwealth Bank before doing online transactions with the thugs, and found everything safe there. In Australia within a year, fraud of 2 lakh 60 thousand dollars by cyber criminals is also confirmed by the report of Scamwatch. In most of these cases of online fraud of 2 lakh 60 thousand dollars, misuse of PayID was revealed.

According to the NAB spokesperson, 53 per cent of Australians have about $1500 worth of items that are of no use to them. Which they want to sell online. If most of the people want to sell such goods online, then 25 percent of those people also refrain from selling their useless goods through social media due to the incidents of online fraud on social media. So that they don't get caught in the hands of a cyber gang while sitting at home trying to sell their useless goods. According to NAB Group Executive Chris Sheehan, “Most of the cases of online cheating that came to light in the last year have come to the fore, in most of the cases PayID was misused. This is probably proving to be a new and very easy method for online cyber criminals.

Target cheating through online shopping

To protect against online cyber fraud, Sheehan said, “We (Australia) should not try to sell everything from old sofas, chairs, furniture to old phones, fridges or prams online. Because cyber thugs have come to know that this is the easiest way. Due to which they easily surround unknown people in the trap. As soon as people login online with these unknown cyber thugs, cyber thugs cheat while sitting at home. If this is the condition of cyber fraud, then the day is not far when, like the marketplace has changed the option of selling second hand items… similarly we will also have to choose an alternative to PayID. Because scammers are now using PayID the most for cheating. The way cyber thugs are familiar with PID, in that way Australian citizens have not yet been able to make good use of it. This is a new technology. Cyber ​​criminals are openly using it unnecessarily. The Paid method is new and easy to make quick payments. But it hasn't been safe at all."

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