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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Became a pilot and traveled the world, then came the business idea, this is the story of the making of NOISE

The story of NOISE company, which has a tremendous hold in India's smartwatch market, is the story of two brothers Gaurav Khatri and Amit Khatri becoming entrepreneurs. Out of these, Gaurav Khatri is a commercial pilot, so he got this business idea only when he was traveling the world. Let's know how to make

In India's smartwatch and headphone, earphone and wearable market, you will find many products ranging from branded to premium price range. At the same time, in this segment, many Indian brands have made their mark in the value for price range. One of these is the NOISE brand, which was started in late 2014 by two brothers Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri. Why did he name a headphone brand 'Noise'? Where did he get the original idea to start this company? Let's know this story…

Company's marketing head Shantanu Chauhan shared the story of 'Noise' with TV9. First of all, he informed that Noise is India's best selling smartwatch for 3 consecutive years. Its data is released by IDC every year.

Traveled the world as a pilot, came up with an idea

Shantanu Chauhan told that Gaurav Khatri, the founder of Noise, is a commercial pilot by profession. Because of this he has traveled to many places in the world. Whenever he used to travel abroad, he often used to see that good quality electronics devices such as earphones, headphones are easily available to him, while people in India do not have that much access nor are they available. it's easy. In such a situation, he thought of creating a brand that would make it easy for people to access this technology.

NoiseFit Halo Smartwatch

He felt that there is a need to democratize this segment in India. With this, Gaurav Khatri along with his brother started Noise at the end of 2014. Noise initially made mobile phone accessories. Then in 2018, there was a big change in the company.

Company stream changed in 2018

Shantanu Chauhan told that in 2018 the company has planned to go beyond mobile accessories. With this, the company entered the wearables market. The company started venturing into segments like earpods and smartwatches. Citing the figures of IDC, he said that the company has remained at the top in the smartwatch segment for the last 3 years.

Where did the name Noise come from?

When Shantanu was asked that the word 'noise' is mostly used in a negative sense. So how did it get picked up for a headphone maker. In response to this, he said that the idea of ​​keeping the brand name 'Noise' was also of Gaurav and Amit. Actually it is based on this philosophy that when you use their headphones, instead of outside 'noise', you connect with your inner voice i.e. 'inner noise'.

Now make your products in India

Initially, Noise imported its products from China, Taiwan and even Germany. Now the company produces 90 percent of its smartwatches in India only.

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