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Friday, February 3, 2023

Auspicious Day: In these days, husband and wife should not make relation even by mistake, this sorrow of the child has to be faced for the whole life.

Husband Wife Relation: In Hinduism, rules have been given to make husband-wife relationship. In this, some days and dates are said to be prohibited for making physical relations. Otherwise, the child born out of pregnancy in these times has to face many troubles. 

Auspicious days to make a relationship: In Hinduism, some rules have been given for every day of the week and major dates of the month, fasting and festivals. On this day, women and men should follow certain things, due to which the blessings of Gods and Goddesses also shower and there is happiness and prosperity in life. In religious scriptures, women and men have been advised to observe celibacy on some special days. According to religious scriptures, in these days the child born due to the relationship between husband and wife has to face physical and mental problems. Let's know on which days husband and wife should refrain from having a relationship. 

In which days men and women should not make relation 

According to religious scriptures, making physical relations in these days is considered prohibited. 

Navratri festival has been considered very sacred. This time should be spent in worshiping the Mother Goddess. Along with this, one should eat satvik food and keep good feelings in mind. That's why it is strictly forbidden to make physical relations during this time. 

Husband-wife should never make a relationship on the day of Amavasya, doing so has a negative effect on their relationship. Also, the future of the child born on this day is not very good. 

Husband-wife should not make relation even on full moon. Evil forces remain active on this day. 

Surya Gochar is called Surya Sankranti. Sun transits between 13th to 15th of every month. Don't make a relationship like this even on Sankranti. 

- Chaturthi and Ashtami date of every month is also not considered good for making husband-wife relationship. 

- Sunday is also not considered appropriate for the meeting of husband and wife. 

- Never make a relationship in the 15 days of Pitru Paksha. The ancestors get angry by doing this. During this, even bringing the thought of having a relationship in mind has been said to be prohibited. 

Relationship should not be made even on the day of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. The child born from this has to face many kinds of sufferings. 

- Whenever you keep a fast, don't make a relationship on that day, otherwise you will not get the fruit of the fast. It is necessary to have the purity of the body and mind of the person during the fast. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. Newztezz Online does not confirm it.)

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