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Friday, February 3, 2023

7.300 kg baby born not 3 or 5, what are the reasons for heavy babies

The weight of a child born in Brazil was more than 7 kilos at the time of his birth. Due to her weight and length being very high, the child was born through caesarean section.

Generally, in today's modern era , the increased weight is considered nothing more than slander and the root of diseases. In such a situation, think that if a child is born with a weight of 16 pounds i.e. about 7 kg 300 grams, then what will the world think about it? For the time being, think whatever you want to think. This child is definitely in the center of discussions around the world as soon as it is born. Just because of your weight. The question arises that what would have been the weight of the heaviest child in the world at the time of birth. So we tell that a child weighing more than this child has been born in the world and that too 68 years ago.

The world's heaviest baby was born in Italy in the year 1955. At the time of birth, the weight of the child was 22 pounds and eight ounces i.e. 10 kg 200 grams. At the moment, we know about a recently born baby weighing 7 kg 300 grams in Brazil.

what is a heavy baby called

Born in Brazil, the length of this infant weighing 16 pounds is 2 feet. Baby Angerson Santos was born by caesarean section due to excessive weight and length. So that there is no danger to the life of the mother and the baby. This type of baby is called 'Macrosomia' in medical science. According to doctors, there are many reasons behind the increase in the size of babies of this much weight at the time of birth.

Along with this, there are adverse effects on the body of the mother who gives birth to babies of such a high weight. Dr. Adam Taylor, professor and director of the Clinical Anatomy Learning Center at Lancaster University, has also said a lot about the birth of this baby. According to him, macrosomia is a Greek word. Which means huge body. An average baby boy should usually weigh up to 7 pounds 6 ounces i.e. about 3 kg 300 grams.

While the average weight of a girl child should be 7 pounds 2 ounces i.e. about 3 kg 200 grams. Above this i.e. babies weighing more than 4 kg are counted in the category of macrosomia. According to media reports, 12 percent of the babies born in the world belong to the category of macrosomia. The chances or cases of being born in the macrosomia category are higher in boys than in girls.

What is the weight of the heaviest baby girl?

If we talk about the heaviest girl born in the world so far, then she weighed 15 pounds i.e. about 6 kg 8 hundred grams. He was born in the year 2016. Angerson is a child born heavier than that girl.

If we talk about the heaviest baby ever born in the world, then he was born in Italy about 68 years ago. That incident was of 1955. The weight of that baby at the time of birth was 22 pounds and 8 ounces i.e. about 10 kg 200 grams.

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