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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Are you troubled by back pain? There can be these 5 reasons, get relief from back pain in easy ways

Back Pain Causes and Solution: Women usually have to work for hours at home or office. In such a situation, due to sitting for a long time, pain in the back of women starts. Do you know the real reason behind back pain? Yes, if you are also troubled by back pain, then you can use some easy home remedies by finding out the reasons for back pain. Let us know, according to a news published in Healthline, some important reasons for back pain, with the help of which you can say goodbye to back pain forever.

During periods: Some women start complaining of back pain during periods. In such a situation, back pain is also considered as an early sign of periods. At the same time, before periods, women also have headache, pain in legs, mood swings, food cravings and anxiety.

Endometriosis: Sometimes tissue called endometriosis starts developing in the uterus of women, due to which they have to face back pain. At the same time, women are also afraid of diarrhea due to endometriosis. Also, women are not able to get pregnant quickly due to endometriosis. 

Pregnancy is also the reason: The weight of women increases rapidly during pregnancy. At the same time, due to hormonal changes, back pain starts in women. Back pain is very common, especially in the fifth and seventh months of pregnancy.

Stretching of the muscles: Many times a strain is felt in the muscles due to lifting heavy things or turning suddenly. Due to which you may start back pain. At the same time, over-stretching the muscles also causes pain in your back.

Sciatica problem: Sciatica located in the waist is considered to be one of the longest nerves of the body. A vein called Sciatica connects the waist to the legs. At the same time, sciatica also becomes weak or injured. Due to which you may complain of back pain, back pain and swelling.

Remedy for back pain: To get rid of back pain, you can do back massage with a heating pad or ice pack. On the other hand, with the help of regular stretching and daily exercise, you can avoid back pain. Also, you can get relief from back pain by keeping a pillow under your knees while sleeping. 

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