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Friday, February 17, 2023

Adopted sister-in-law's daughter when she could not give birth herself, gave such torture that the soul trembled

In Delhi's RK Puram, a woman adopted a seven-year-old innocent girl and harassed her in such a way that the soul shuddered. The accused woman not only assaulted this girl, but also burnt her with hot tongs and left her bare body in the cold in the balcony.

The alleged mother of a 7-year-old girl in Delhi's RK Puram has made an important disclosure in the harassment case. Police has arrested this woman from Roorkee. During interrogation, the accused woman told that this girl is not her own but her sister-in-law's daughter. She did not have a daughter, so she adopted her sister-in-law's daughter to help her with the household chores. The accused woman has confessed that she used to beat him up for being reluctant in work.

After necessary interrogation, the police has produced the accused woman in the court, from where she has been sent to jail. Now the police is trying to take him on remand for further questioning. According to the police, the accused woman has been identified as Renu. She is a nurse in Safdarjung Hospital. Along with her, the police has also arrested her husband Anand Kumar. While his son Johnny has already been arrested by the police and sent to jail. The accused woman told that she wanted to have a daughter, but when this did not happen, she adopted the daughter of her sister-in-law living in Khoda Colony.

Brutality with daughter

The victim girl told in the counseling of CWC that her mother used to fight even without talking. In summer, she would make him lie naked on the terrace, while in winter she would make him sit naked in the balcony. The victim girl told that many times for small mistakes her mother raged with tongs and beat her badly. Police said that 18 fresh wounds were found on the body of this girl. At the same time, dozens of such wounds have also been found which have been filled.

Brother tied his hand and hanged him from the fan

The victim girl told that her brother made her sit on burning coals, made her sit on a hot pot and even this did not satisfy her, then while doing obscenity with her, hurt her private parts, tied her hands and hanged her from the fan. The whole matter came to light in the school when on February 9, seeing the girl in pain, the teacher questioned her. After this, the teacher had informed about the matter to the CWC and the police.

The victim girl is in deep shock

According to the police, the victim girl has been admitted to the hospital. Where his condition is still critical. He is deeply shocked. Even now while sleeping, she suddenly wakes up and starts crying. This girl has been kept under the supervision of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC). The police said that the role of the husband of the accused woman in this entire incident is also being investigated.

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