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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Abby Choi Killing: Hong Kong model murdered and body kept in fridge, father-in-law conspired to murder

Hong Kong News:
After killing the beautiful model Abbey Choi, the in-laws had kept the body in the fridge, which surprised the police. It is being told that the mastermind behind the murder of the model is her former father-in-law.

Hong Kong Murder Case: After the death of a famous Hong Kong model, her ex-husband has been arrested. The police have recovered the pieces of the dead body of the model, which everyone was surprised to see. Along with the ex-husband, the role of the ex-father-in-law of the model is also very suspicious. It is estimated that the mastermind of the model's murder is the former father-in-law. The model has been identified as Abby Choi. 

Police told about this heinous murder that some pieces of the model's body were found inside the refrigerator in a rented house in Hong Kong. It is being told that Abby Choi was a very popular model of Hong Kong. Abby gained a lot of popularity in a short time. Only 28 years old, Abby was a young and fast growing model. She came on the cover page of a magazine named Monaco this month. 

Superintendent of Police Alan Chung told the media about the matter that it was surprising to find a woman's body inside the refrigerator. He said the father, mother and older brother of Choi's ex-husband had been arrested and would be charged with murder. The search for her ex-husband continues. If reports are to be believed, the police have found the body of this model in a house in Lung Mei. 

Body parts found inside refrigerator 

He told that the police found two legs from inside the refrigerator along with the victim's ID card, credit card and other items. Human tissue was found in soup pots while the victim's head, torso and hands were not at the scene. Which is being searched. 

Father-in-law was the mastermind of the murder 

According to media reports, the model's former father-in-law, who is himself in the police, is the real mastermind of the murder. Police believe Abby had a financial dispute with her ex-husband and her in-laws over a HK$100 million property she wanted to sell. Controversy continues to happen on this issue. 

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