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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

YouTube will give a new opportunity to earn from February 1, this is how short creators will get benefit

YouTube Shorts Monetization Requirements:
Users are required to fill this form to earn money from YouTube Shorts. See here for complete details.

YouTube Shorts Monetize: Video sharing platform YouTube is soon going to give its Shorts Creators a chance to earn money. Short creators will get a lot of benefit from this. Let us tell you that YouTube is about to start the Monetization process for short videos. According to reports, the company will start the monetization process from February 1 itself. In such a situation, the term plan for YouTube Partner Program can be started from this week.

Short video platform is starting the process of monetization on short videos to compete with TikTok. In such a situation, advertisements can now be placed on YouTube shorts as well and creators will also be able to earn money through short videos.

youtube shorts monetize process

As mentioned above, YouTube shorts monetize process is being started from 1 February 2023. After the start of its process, users will have to fill the term and condition form of short ad revenue. All YouTube partners will have to accept the terms and conditions of the new partner program. If you do not fill this form then you will not be able to earn money from youtube shorts. All creators earning money from the Partner Program are required to accept the new terms and conditions. To keep the monetization process continuous, users will have to fill the form by July 10.

How to earn from youtube shorts

YouTube is going to do the process of monetization for new short videos just like YouTube videos. The company said that the process of earning from short videos will be exactly the same as for YouTube videos. With this, the process of earning will be decided by 3 things. This will include the number of subscribers, watch time of the video and brand promotion. Earning can be done in YouTube shorts in these three ways.

Eligibility and Sharing Percentage

The company has also set eligibility and sharing percentage to earn from YouTubers' shorts.

For monetization of short videos, YouTubers must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

4,000 hours of watch time will also have to be completed throughout the year.

YouTubers who have 10 million or more views in the last 3 months will also be eligible for monetization and can also share requests for this.

Under YouTube's ad sharing process, 45 percent of the revenue will go to the creators and 55 percent to YouTube.

YouTube will give 10 percent of the revenue from its share to the music creators used in the short video.

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