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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Work is not found in circus just like that, it is also studied

You must have seen the performer jumping in the circus. But do you know that a course is also conducted for this. Let us know about this course today.

In the last 100 years, a lot of changes have been seen in the field of education. Now specialized degree is given for the work done in each sector. Then be it the work of carpenter or housekeeping. There is a system of degrees for all kinds of work. Children take admission in these courses and after completing their studies, they are awarded with a proper degree . Today we are going to tell you about one such degree, which is related to the circus. In this degree, students are taught to do proper jumping and acrobatics.

Be it children or adults, everyone likes to go to the circus. The reason for this is also very clear, because we not only get to see amazing acrobatics, but also get a chance to enjoy many funny shows. However, have you ever wondered from where the people working in the circus get this training? How do they perform different feats and how do they master it?

Actually, for this proper studies are done and training is given. In developing countries like India, people in the circus will be seen training each other on their own, but in developed countries like Britain, it is properly taught. Let us know about the course related to circus today.

Where does the study take place?

There is 'Bath Spa University' in Bath city of Britain, where students are taught circus. Bath Spa University offers a Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance degree that focuses on circus-related training and mastery of individual stunts.

What is taught?

During the course, students are taught aerial acrobatics, normal acrobatics and juggling. Students have the option to do specialization in any one of these areas. Apart from this, they are also taught physical theatre, what kind of moves they should do, fitness and critical thinking. During this, he is taught qualities like becoming a clown, cartoon, stand up comedy, theater actor. Students also get a chance to do practical during this period. Sometimes they get a chance to do practical on the roads.

After completing studies, students have the option to join a circus group or start their own company. Graduate students from here have also worked in some of the biggest companies.

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