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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Women must consume these things after 40 years, there will be no pain in joints, it will help in staying healthy

After the age of 40, most women start seeing many problems related to health. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for women to take some essential supplements. By including things rich in vitamin B12, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids in the diet, you can not only avoid many serious diseases like heart attack, breast cancer and stroke, but also keep yourself fit and healthy.

Blood circulation is better by eating things rich in vitamin B12.

Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Necessary Supplements for Women: With increasing age, it is very important to take special care of health. Especially in women, with aging, their energy level also starts decreasing. At the same time, women can also become victims of many serious diseases if they do not follow the proper health care routine. In such a situation, if your age is more than 40 years, then you can always remain healthy by including 5 essential supplements in the diet.

Most of the women above the age of 40 have a lack of nutrition in their body. Due to which the muscles of women start getting weak. In such a situation, women have to face the problems of back pain, knee pain or bone pain. Althoughonly my health According to this, by making some supplements a part of the diet, you can not only fulfill the deficiency of nutrients in the body but also keep yourself fit and healthy even after 40.

Vitamin B12

Eating vitamin B12 improves the blood circulation of the body and the brain also functions well. Apart from this, it is best to eat things containing vitamin B12 to get rid of stomach acidity. In such a situation, women can fulfill the deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body by consuming eggs, fish and dairy products.


After 40 years, due to lack of calcium in the body, bones start becoming weak. In such a situation, by including calcium rich things like milk and cheese in the diet, you can keep the heart healthy and the muscles strong along with strengthening the bones. But keep in mind that consuming too much of calcium-rich things can also cause heart disease. That's why it is better to consume calcium in limited quantity.


Magnesium is considered the best source of minerals. In such a situation, by taking a diet rich in magnesium, the body's blood sugar level and blood pressure remain under control. At the same time, to strengthen the digestive system and get rid of the problem of gas or acidity, it is best to consume magnesium rich things.

Vitamin D

: Due to deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, there is a risk of diabetes, breast cancer and heart disease. At the same time, Vitamin D also helps in absorbing calcium in the body. In such a situation, fish, dairy products, grains and cereals can be included in the diet to consume vitamin D.

Omega 3 fatty acids

after 40 women are more prone to heart disease, joint pain, increased cholesterol level and stroke. In such a situation, the risk of all these diseases is reduced by eating omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, by adding omega 3 fatty acids to the diet, you can beat many serious diseases as well.

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