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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Who secretly views your Facebook profile? Now everyone's secrets will be revealed like this

Facebook Tips and Tricks: Are you also looking for the answer to this question, how to find out who is watching your Facebook profile, then today we are going to tell you a special trick to find out. are.

Facebook Tips and Tricks: The social media platform Facebook is very popular among people of all ages, this is the reason why many people remain active on Facebook almost every day. If you also use Facebook, then surely many people will be connected in your profile too, but do you know who is the person who secretly watches your profile? If your answer is that you are not aware of this, then today we are going to tell you such a Facebook trick that how you can easily find out about it.

Who is visiting Facebook profile, find out in a pinch like this

If you are also curious to know who checks your Facebook profile, then tell that for this you will have to follow some simple steps.

1. First of all, to find out this, it is very important to have any web browser. You open the browser on your computer or laptop.

2. After opening the browser, you people will have to open your Facebook ID.

3. As soon as your Facebook account is logged in, you have to right click on your profile.

4. As soon as you right click, you will see the view page source option, click on this option. If you do not get this option then after opening your profile you can also open view page source by giving CTRL+U command.

5. After the source page is open, you will have to give CTRL+F command so that you will be able to search on this source page. After this you have to search by typing BUDDY_ID.

6. After this you will see many BUDDY_ID, in this ID you will get 15 digit code. You have to copy this code.

7. After copying this code, you will have to open a separate tab in the browser and paste the facebook.com/profile ID in this tab. You have to enter the 15 digit Buddy Id that you have selected in the Profile ID. As soon as you search by entering the profile ID, the ID of the person who checks your profile will open in front of you.

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