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Thursday, January 19, 2023

What is the Free the Nipples campaign, why was the appeal made to remove the ban from Facebook-Instagram?

Approval of Free the Nipple is the new destination of freedom of expression of half the world in the cyber world. Meta's Oversight Board has given a big decision in favor of women. Know what is this campaign after all?

Meta 's Oversight Board has taken a big decision for women who are highly active on social media . After this decision of Meta, those women have got freedom who could not share their nude or bare-chested pictures on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Until now, the rules of Facebook and Instagram prevented women or transgenders from sharing semi-nude photos. But almost a decade after the launch of the Free the Nipple campaign, the decision of the Oversight Board of Meta (META) has given a big victory to the independent living women and the transgender community.

meta asked to consider the rule

After a long debate, the members of the Oversight Board have agreed that the strict rules of Facebook and Instagram hinder the freedom of expression of women. Meta has refused to consider purposeful images shared with a specific intent as obscene and has asked platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reconsider their rules.

The board called the rule discriminatory

Meta's Oversight Board also includes eminent educationists, human rights experts and senior lawyers. Investigating some big incidents and references of the past, he has said that these restrictions against women are discriminatory. He advised to change it.

According to Meta's Oversight Board, the current policy establishes a two-way approach to women and men. That's not right. Women should be allowed to purposefully share their bare breasts on Facebook or Instagram. This includes breastfeeding.

What is 'Free the Nipple' campaign?

It is understood that this campaign started in the year 2012 in America. Then women had demanded the right to display their breasts naked on social media. However, its basis was related to breastfeeding and health, including breast cancer awareness campaign.

Users had complained

Further, in the years 2021 and 2022 also, some women created a sensation by alleging that Facebook and Instagram had removed some of their naked chest pictures.

Then Facebook issued guidelines for these materials and asked users questions about the standard of nudity.

Now Meta's Oversight Board has considered such Nazir as discriminatory. And said that the removal of such posts is not in accordance with human rights.

Campaigns have been happening in America

In public life other than social media, women in America have fought a long battle for the right to free the nipple. In the year 2019 itself, it was legal for women to roam topless in 6 states of America.

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