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Monday, January 16, 2023

What do Indians go to study the most in America? that top course is not engineering

America has been the top destination for studies among Indians since its inception. But do you know in which course Indians take admission the most.

Every year lakhs of students from India go to study in America. But have you ever thought that for the study of which subject these students take maximum admission there. Actually, till now engineering was such a study domain, for which most Indians used to turn to America. Maths and Computer Science were the most popular courses for higher education in the last decade. In such a situation, the question arises that what is the course for which Indians are now going to America to study .

In 2009-10, 38.8 percent or say 40,700 Indian students enrolled in engineering programs in the US. By 2021-22, the proportion of students in engineering has come down to 29.6 per cent or say 58,957. During this period, the number of Indian students studying in America increased, but the number of students opting for engineering courses remained less.

Increased number of students studying Maths-Computer Science

The point to be noted here is that during this period the number of Indian students pursuing Maths and Computer Science degree in America has doubled. This number was earlier 19.8 percent, which increased to 36.8 percent. If we talk in terms of numbers, then in 2009-10 the number of Indians studying Maths and Computer Science in America was 20,769, which increased to 73,298 in 2021-22.

This trend is not expected to stop. According to the Open Door Report released in November, an official said that even in 2022, most Indian students obtained study visas for programs such as maths and computer science, engineering and business/management.

Even Chinese students are not liking engineering!

The thing to note here is that this is not the case only with Indian students, but Chinese students are also on the same trend. If compared to the last decade, even Chinese students are not able to choose engineering now. Chinese students are also taking admission in programs like Maths and Computer Science.

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