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Friday, January 13, 2023

These tricks of rose will get you rid of debt

Rose Remedies:
Economic problems keep coming in the house, but some problems come in such a way that they take a complicated form. Sometimes we get so much debt after which we do not understand anything. According to astrology, if you want to get rid of debt, then there are some tricks of rose flower, by doing which you can get rid of financial crisis and start earning by tearing thatch.

Do these tricks of rose flower

According to astrology, to get rid of debt, on Friday, tie more roses around a white cloth. Now throw this group of roses in water and you will get rid of your problem. Apart from this, offer rose flowers to Hanuman ji till 11 Tuesdays, this pleases Bajrang Bali Baba and fulfills all wishes.

According to astrology, to remove poverty, put a piece of camphor in a rose flower and burn it in the evening.

- You should flow three roses and three bells in water till five full moons, by doing this all your spoiled works will be done. To get rid of these problems it is necessary to do this trick.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, tie red sandalwood, red rose and roli in a red cloth and keep this bundle in the temple of the house for 1 week. After this you worship Ganesha. After that, pick up that bundle and keep it in the safe of your house, doing this brings blessings to the house.

Tie five rose flowers, rice and jaggery in a white handkerchief on Monday and keep it in the temple of Vishnu ji. Chant Gayatri Mantra 21 times, by doing this Mother Lakshmi ji is pleased and money starts raining in the house.

(Disclaimer: The information received here is based on general belief and information. Up Varta News does not confirm it.)

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