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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The boss called the female employee 'fat', she went to the court..the verdict was given

Private Company: At first the woman ignored this but when she got angry, she consulted her friends. After this she went straight to the court. A full hearing of the matter took place in the court and his side was also presented on behalf of his boss. After this the verdict was pronounced. Meanwhile, his boss fled out of the country.

Boss Called Fatty: Many news related to employees and bosses working in private companies keep coming out from all over the world. Meanwhile, recently such a story went viral on social media in which a boss said something to his woman that created a ruckus. Eventually the woman went to the court and then the court gave its verdict in favor of the woman.

The boss called him 'fat'.

Actually, this incident is from a city in Scotland. According to a report in Daily Mail, a woman working in a private company here went to court when her boss called her 'fat'. The woman was annoyed by this and she immediately left the office and went out. After this he consulted his friends and took a decision.

Boss fled the country!

It has been told in the report that the woman directly reached the court against her boss. The hearing of the case started in the court, with the help of the woman's friends and some employees working in the company, the court ruled in favor of the woman. Meanwhile, his boss fled the country. The woman has also presented some evidence in the court.

Verdict in favor of woman

According to another media report, her boss had fled to Pakistan. But while ruling in favor of the woman, the court announced a compensation of 19 lakhs for her. This money was to be given to the boss or to the woman on behalf of the company. But it is also told that this matter is a bit old, recently it went viral once again when it came to know that the woman has not received the money yet.

Once again the stand of the court,

till now the money has not been received. The woman has once again moved the court. After this, orders have also been given to investigate the matter as to why the woman has not yet received the compensation.

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