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Friday, January 20, 2023

Pee scandal: 30 lakh fine on Air India, pilot-in-command measured

In an international flight of Air India, a passenger named Shankar Mishra urinated on a female passenger last year. It is said that he was intoxicated. Later, Mishra also lost his job and was banned from Air India for four months. The matter is in court.

DGCA has taken major action in the Air India urine scandal. The aviation regulator has imposed a fine of Rs 30 lakh on the airline. DGCA has taken this action for violating the rules. Not only this, the license of the pilot-in-command of the flight has also been suspended for three months. DGCA has also imposed a fine of three lakh rupees on the director-in-flight service. Shankar Mishra, an Air India passenger who urinated on a passenger on a New York-Delhi flight in November last year, has been banned from the airline for four months.

Earlier, after this incident came to the fore, Air India took immediate action and announced a 30-day ban on Shankar Mishra. It was also said on behalf of the airline that without consultation with the ministry, Air India on its own can impose a ban of only 30 days on any passenger for violation of rules. The airline has presented an internal report on Thursday regarding the urine scandal, in which many startling revelations have come to the fore.

Mishra pleading for bail from the court

The urination incident in an international flight came to light when the aggrieved passenger made a written complaint to Air India. A month after the incident, Air India took action against the passenger. Later Delhi Police registered a case and tracked down Shankar Mishra, who lost his job after this incident. The matter is going on in the court, from where Shankar Mishra has not yet received bail.

Lawyer made shocking claims

In addition, his lawyer claimed that his client did not urinate on the woman; The woman urinated herself. Claiming that the woman complained of urinary incontinence, the lawyer said that this is a common practice among Kathak dancers. However, the crew member's unofficial account suggests that Shankar Mishra was sleeping when the passenger sitting next to Shankar Mishra approached the crew and told him that Shankar Mishra had urinated on the woman. When he was told about the matter, he was shocked.

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