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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Do you feel guilty about leaving your child with others? Do 5 things with yourself, your life will be better

Many women easily return to their career after becoming a mother and are able to raise the child in a better way, but for some women, returning to career becomes a challenge in itself. They start living in this gilt whether their child is in the right condition or not. If you are also struggling with some such problems, then by talking to yourself you can become a better career woman and a responsible mother too.

By choosing the right caregiver, you can be worry-free and avoid gilt.

Accept your feelings and think on positive aspects.

5 Ways to Deal With Guilt Of Leaving Your Child:   If you are a working woman and leave your child to day care or a relative, neighbor and leave for work, then you are not the only woman to do so. Actually, in today's fast paced world, it has become a compulsion for women. For the better future of children, family and themselves, they have to leave for work by keeping a stone on their heart and they have to motivate themselves every now and then. But, many women get buried in guilt and consider themselves responsible for not being able to raise the child properly. This guilt does not allow women to move forward and they step out of the house every day with guilt.

Care According to dot com, whenever you choose a care giver for your child, find answers to some questions beforehand. For example, whether you and the care giver have the same parenting style or not. Do they know about first aid, are they vaccinated, will they complete the child's routine properly, will you be comfortable talking to them, etc. When you are satisfied with all the questions, then only choose the care giver.

Before leaving the house, do this work

with the child or talk to the person who is taking care of your child. Talk something positive to the kids about their daycare, ask excitedly about their friends. It would be better if you make friends with the daycare staff so that you can openly talk to them about your problems and feelings and help when needed.

Understand your own feelings Normal

If you are having anxiety or stress for the child, then it would be better to accept your own feeling. Talk to yourself and understand that every mother has to go through such a tough race.

Talk to yourself positively

, you will be troubled by negative thinking. You better think of something better. For example, your child is in safe hands, I am a good parent, I need to take care of everyone, not just myself, etc.

Think about the benefits Think about

why it will be beneficial for the child and the parents. For example, the child will learn to live without his parents, you will be able to stand on your own feet, the child will be able to spend time in a better and fun way. Think that there is a third person between you and the child who can help each other.

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