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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Case of selling Chinese toys, Reliance shop raided, notice to Amazon, Flipkart

The Government of India has now taken a strict stand regarding Chinese toys being sold indiscriminately in the country. The government has clearly told the e-commerce companies that they should follow the guidelines, otherwise they will have to face trouble.

Chinese Toys Sale in India: The government has taken a tough stand regarding the sale of Chinese toys in the country. The government has prepared some guidelines regarding the sale of toys of poor quality or below standard made in China. In such a situation, the government is no longer in the mood to be lax about the standards.

Taking strict action against Chinese toys, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has raided 44 places across the country. In these raids, Chinese toys weighing 18,600 kg have been recovered and seized. The government has also issued guidelines for e-commerce companies regarding not selling Chinese toys.

Non-standard toys sold

BIS found in raids across the country that toys were being sold at toy shops without proper license and below standards. According to BIS, the sale of toys in the country comes under the Compulsory Certification Scheme. Quality control order of BIS is applicable on this. Accordingly, without the ISI mark, neither toys can be made in the country, nor can they be sold or imported. Nor can such toys be distributed.

Reliance shops also raided

The toy shops raided by BIS include Reliance Group's retail stores from Hamleys to Archies Gallery. Nidhi Khare, Chief of the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) , says that a notice has also been issued to e-commerce companies regarding the sale of toys without BIS mark.

E-commerce companies should not sell Chinese toys

The government has instructed e-commerce companies not to sell Chinese toys. At the same time, CCPA has issued a notice to Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal for selling toys without BIS mark.

From January 2021, BIS certification rules have become mandatory for quality control of toys in the country. In this, it is mandatory to have ISI mark on electric toys as well as non-electronic, dolls etc

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