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Thursday, January 12, 2023

All-round response to Chinese aggression, US-Japan military alliance will become a problem for Dragon

Japan and America have come together to respond to Chinese aggression. At the same time, in East Ladakh, India is also responding to the challenges of China. Along with this, America's ally Australia has raised concerns for China by deepening military ties with both Tokyo and New Delhi.

Since the 1962 war, China has increased relations with India's other neighbors except Bhutan or used them to reduce or hinder India 's role on the global stage. Under the Rajapaksa regime, Sri Lanka and Pakistan , close to China, tried to weaken India through cross-border terrorism. Established naval base at Hambantota in Sri Lanka and Gwadar Port in restive Balochistan . China's close ties with Communist Nepal, Myanmar and Khaleda Zia's BNP in Bangladesh ensured that India remained stuck with neighbors while Beijing rose to the global stage.

Those whom Dragon used against India are now facing serious economic crisis and are troubling China. Along with this, its old rival Japan is moving fast in the east with the QUAD group. Confirming that Article V of the Japan-US Security Treaty applies to China's disputed Senkaku Islands and strengthening the US military presence in Okinawa's Yonaguni Islands sent a big signal to Beijing.

The US and Japan have unveiled plans to strengthen their alliance to help counter threats from North Korea and China. The foreign and defense ministers of America and Japan have condemned China's increasing aggression in the Indo-Pacific region. It can be clearly said that Japan has abandoned its post-World War II pacifism and changed its national security doctrine by identifying China as the biggest strategic challenge.

This has led to a change in security in Asia as Russia and China remain close allies, while Beijing faces counter-pressure from Japan to the Philippines to Australia to India. Japan used to invest billions of dollars in China for a long time. But now for Chinese President Xi Jinping, the scenario has changed a lot as Japan has gone back to its old ally America. It is now facing a seriously competitive environment.

A joint statement by the US and Japan states that China poses a major threat to the international order and has called for redoubled efforts to counter it. China's foreign policy Reshaping the international order to its advantage wants to

China getting trapped in a strategic trap

Just as Japan has accepted to face the Chinese challenge, similarly India stands ready to face the PLA in eastern Ladakh. Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said that at least 55,000 soldiers have been deployed in Ladakh to counter the PLA challenge. At the same time, both India and Japan have strengthened relations with Australia and the Philippines. Canberra is part of a US security pact and Manila remains a close ally of Washington. Looking at these situations, it can be understood that China is getting stuck strategically.

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