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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Have you also got into the habit of complaining all the time? These 6 ways will work for you

Some women always look angry with their life and circumstances and keep complaining about their circumstances. Gradually, this habit of his increases so much that he does not see anything good around him. Even if something is good, they see its negative aspects first.

If you want to change things then try to help instead of complaining.

Think once before complaining whether it will be of any use or not.

How To Avoid Complaining:  There is a saying that those who complain only see stains in the moon. In fact, we are born with brains that have a very active negative bias. Instead of paying attention to all the good things around us, we focus on the things that are not going right. Gradually it becomes our habit and our attitude of thinking becomes negative.

In such a situation, if you are also feeling that you are complaining too much these days, then this article is very useful for you.

Think twice before complaining

clevelandclinicAccording to, whenever you are about to complain, first think whether the thing you are about to complain about will bring some big change in the next 5 minutes or 5 months or 5 years? If it is not so then do not complain.

Look inside yourself

Taking your complaint seriously, think once that what you are worrying about, does it represent any serious issue in your life? If it is really not such a big deal then avoid complaining.

Follow this method

You wear a bracelet or rubberband in one hand. Now whenever you feel that you are complaining, remove this bracelet and wear it on the other wrist. Try that even after a month it remains on the same wrist of yours.

Talk personally

If you are displeased about something, then it would be better to meet him personally, call him, email or message him. If you are complaining about them on social media or among many people, then this method is wrong.

Complain for change

If you really want a change about something, then it would be better to talk in such a way that your words have an impact rather than making a flurry of complaints. You can help people for this.

Show positivity

If you have to complain, then first tell some positive things and then complain and in the end also say some positive things. By doing this, people will pay attention to your words and will not run away from you after hearing the complaint.

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