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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

When do you feel baby movements during pregnancy? Important things to know here

What is Baby Quickening: Every mother waits for the first movement of her baby. Quickening is the time when the baby starts movement in the womb. Know what is the important things related to quickening.

Baby movement in pregnancy is baby movement

Baby starts to move at 12 weeks

The movement of the baby is known from the 20th week.

Baby Quickening In Pregnancy:  For a mother, every feeling of pregnancy is very special in itself. A lot of memories are attached to it. Ever since a mother comes to know that she is pregnant, she waits hard for the first movement of her baby. Every day she waits to feel the sensation of the baby moving. Many times the mother does not even know whether it is the movement of the child or whether there is gas in the stomach. Therefore, one should know about the time of the first movement of the child and many things related to it. Let us know about this type of feeling.

How do you feel during quickening ?

Cleveland ClinicAs if butterflies are moving in the stomach. As if the baby is tapping in the stomach or there is a feeling of movement like small veins. Feels like popping bubbles. Light rolls are felt. A slight tickling may also be felt.

When does this feeling in the stomach start?

It is felt in the lower abdomen near your pubic bone. When the baby is 12 weeks old, then you start this movement. But even at this time the baby is very small and at this time you may feel very little. But when the baby is 20 weeks old, you start feeling this movement clearly. At this time the upper part of your uterus comes on the belly button and then you start feeling the movement of the baby well. By the end of the third month, you will feel this movement about 10 times in two hours.

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