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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Sperm Count: Why is the sperm count decreasing in Indian men? Experts told the reason

Reason For Sperm Count Decline- It has been said in the recent study that if steps are not taken regarding the sperm count, then there may be a reproductive crisis in future. Learn about the reasons for low sperm count from experts.

The sperm count of men around the world including India is falling rapidly.

This problem is also increasing due to wrong lifestyle and stress.

Why Sperm Count Come Down in India: The sperm count of men is decreasing rapidly all over the world including India. This has been revealed in a study that came out recently. In this study by researchers from Israel's Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it has been told that the sperm count of men in the world has remained less than half by the year 2018 as compared to 1973. Data from 53 countries including India was used in this study published in the Human Reproduction Update Journal. Researchers have claimed that if the sperm count is not taken care of at the right time, then reproductive crisis can arise for humans. Now the question arises that why the sperm count is falling rapidly? Let us know the answer to this biggest question from the experts.

What do experts say?

Dr. Richika Sahai, Director, IVF Division, Fortis Hospital , Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, says that it is absolutely true that the semen analysis parameter of men has been falling for the last several years. In 1999, the World Health Organization made the fourth and fifth manuals. In its semen analysis too, there was a huge drop in sperm count. If we compare the first manual and the fifth manual that came out in 1955, then this decline is clearly visible. This is a concern for male fertility.

Sperm count dropped so much in the last 50 years

Dr. Arindam Rath, Senior Consultant , Apollo Fertility, Kolkata, says that environment and lifestyle are having a profound effect on our fertility. The cases of testicular cancer are increasing in men and there is a decline in semen quality and testosterone levels. Research has shown that in the last 50 years, the sperm count of men has decreased from 104 to 49 million per ml. Sperm concentration of semen has reduced by 52% to 50 million per ml. This is still above the WHO cut-off below which a male's sperm concentration is considered very low.

Why is the sperm count decreasing?

Doctors say that many factors including poor lifestyle, use of alcohol and cigarettes, unhealthy eating habits are reducing the sperm count. Decades ago, stress was not considered a cause for concern, but now stress has become the biggest cause of infertility in men and women. Dr. Richika Sahay says that stress changes your routine due to which lifestyle changes. Work pressure spoils your lifestyle. In today's era, men are working till late night and this is affecting their fertility cycle.

smoking is also very dangerous

According to Dr. Richika, taking alcohol, cigarettes and drugs is also having a bad effect on the sperm count. People are taking anabolic steroids due to which the sperm count is falling. According to experts, if small things affect your lifestyle for a long time, then it increases the chances of reducing the sperm count.

It is also important to know these things

According to Dr. Arindam Rath, there has been a decline of 30.31% in sperm count in Indian men in the last 13 years. A decline of 22.92 and 51.25% has been observed in motility and morphology. They say that death immediately after birth, premature birth or the newborn being admitted to the ICU after birth can spoil the quality of the sperm. They say that the cause of these problems can also be endocrine destructive chemicals and environmental factors. Apart from this, exposure to pesticides, less exercise, poor diet, smoking and obesity can also reduce sperm count. Excess weight changes our hormone levels due to which the amount of estrogen in men increases.

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