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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Shraddha murder case: The questions that are enough to make forensic science experts and the police gasp!

Delhi Police is sweating in Shraddha murder case. In such a situation, if anyone can help him, it is forensic science. The question is that in such a horrific murder, how, how many and when will the forensic science experts be able to prove helpful to the investigating agency?

The Shraddha Walker murder case has shaken the country at this time. Delhi Police is sweating day and night in search of 35 pieces of a dead body. Recently, the problem of the Delhi Police, which is busy searching for the pieces of Shraddha's body, is not going to be solved even after finding the pieces of the dead body. Because when the police collect the pieces of the body and reach the forensic science experts, then the police will have to answer all their crooked questions. What do forensic science experts think on this issue at the moment? Will the Delhi Police be able to hang Aftab Amin Poonawalla, the alleged accused of Shraddha murder case, to the gallows? Let's know the exact inside story of the country's well-known forensic science experts. With whom TV9 Bharatvarsh had a special talk on Tuesday.

Former in-charge of the country's largest vegetable market postmortem house in the capital Delhi, Dr. K.K. L Sharma said, “The investigation of Shraddha murder case will certainly not be easy. The police will have to keep a very sharp eye on it. Otherwise, from the point of view of investigation, I see full scope for weakening of this case. As far as the opinion of forensic science experts is concerned, if I had been involved in this investigation, I would have proved that when and how the girl (Shraddha) was murdered? How many days ago it was done, I could also give a rough estimate by taking out the time around. It all depends on the competence of the forensic science expert."

Dr. K.L. Sharma further said, “The more experienced the forensic science expert is, the stronger or heavier the punishment is sure to be for the culprit in this case. In short, the opinion of forensic science experts will prove to be paramount in this matter. Not police investigation. Especially in this case. I can even prove that the girl was murdered by strangulation. Or by slitting your throat! But I can take my guarantee for doing all this. What will today's forensic science experts be able to do? I am not commenting on his ability. There is a need for a seasoned and very experienced forensic science expert in this case. It is not a matter of the power of a workable forensic science expert. In this case, you are talking about the recovery of many pieces of the dead body. Even if a forensic science expert like me had found half of the hand of the girl (dead body), I could have proved a lot in the court.

Questions in the eyes of forensic science

Dr. K L Sharma, who was a famous forensic science expert of the countryFurther said, “First of all, in the Shraddha murder case, the forensic science expert will have to prove whether the bones recovered by the police are of humans or animals? Any capable forensic science expert can find out this. If it is not known, it can be detected by histopathology of the skin. The second question would be whether the bones belong to a man or a woman? This too has to be ascertained by the forensic science expert. This is proved by the texture of the bones and the joint (matching) of the bones of the body. All this can be known by the presence or absence of fusion. After this, the next question will be in front of the forensic science expert that, what was the age of the person who died or died? It is also the responsibility of forensic science experts to find out the probable cause of death. Bleeding or freezing? Its investigation is very helpful in finding out the cause of death. The news that I have read in the media,

This may also be strong evidence

As an expert opinion on forensic science in the Shraddha murder case, TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to Dr. L.K. From C. Gupta. Dr. Gupta has also worked as a forensic medicine expert at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the early 1990s . Working as a forensic medicine expert for 32-34 years, Dr. L.C. GuptaSaid, “After killing Shraddha, the accused/suspect Aftab has thrown the pieces of the body wherever. It is very important for the police to collect the CCTV footage present on those roads. This will be strong evidence against the accused in the court. Forensic science experts will have to do anatomical matching of the different parts of the body that have been recovered. Along with this, DNA finger printing will be done. Especially if I talk about forensic science expert opinion in Shraddha murder case, then DNA can be matched easily by extracting bone-marrow from the recovered bones. Bone marrow is such a thing in the human bone that remains for a long time. It doesn't perish quickly."

Weakness of agencies will strengthen the accused

Forensic Medicine Expert Dr. L C GuptaSaid further, “As far as gathering evidence from inside the fridge is concerned. So this is what the accused is saying right now that he had kept the corpse in pieces and kept it inside the fridge. Now this statement of the accused will have to be proved in the court even by the investigating agency (Delhi Police) with the help of forensic science. It was found that the matter of keeping the pieces of the corpse in the fridge turned out to be wrong. If the accused is making this misrepresentation in an attempt to change the direction of the investigation, then the theory of police and forensic science will go waste in the court. Therefore, there is a strong possibility of getting the benefit of this weakness of the investigating agency directly to the accused in the court. If the corpse (in the form of pieces) is kept in the fridge, then the police will have to seal the samples of blood and meat from the spot (from inside the fridge) and send them for investigation. Only then the statement of the accused will be proved legally correct that he had kept the pieces of Shraddha's body in the fridge.

Then the investigating agency will do this

To say the way the Shraddha murder case has been executed. DNA testing is considered important in that. There are easy possibilities of DNA matching with the bones, blood and hair of the deceased. For this, the practice of matching the samples of the deceased with the DNA of his parents is going on. Yes, if the person killed or killed did not turn out to be born to the parents whose children the society had considered him. So in such a situation, an attempt is made to match the DNA of the deceased with the brother-sister. According to Dr. Gupta, “In the early 1990s when I was the Forensic Medicine/Forensic Science Department of AIIMS Delhi, a similar case came to me from Kalkaji police station area. In that also many pieces of the dead body were thrown. Nothing is impossible. Simply, a lot depends on the experience and professional competence of the forensic science expert in such cases.”

Role of Anthropologist

Forensic Science Expert and Head of Department , Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, Delhi, Dr. B.N. Mishratold TV9 Bharatvarsh, “The investigation of Shraddha murder case will not be easy. Be it from the point of view of forensic medicine or from the level of the investigating agency. This is such a vitiated matter that even a minor lapse on our part (forensic science-police) will destroy the whole case in the court. Whose direct benefit will be given to the suspect (Shraddha's suspected murderer Aftab). In this case, a lot of hard work will have to be done to find out both the reason of Shraddha's death and the time of death. Even in that, there is no guarantee that the cause of death and the exact time of death can be known. Everything will proceed on the basis of conjecture and on the basis of circumstantial evidence. In this investigation, with the help of anthropologist, it can also help in furthering the investigation. How old are the bones in the anthropologist's investigation? There is hope of getting an accurate answer to this question.

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