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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Russia Ukraine war: Pakistan's maneuver against Russia, Pakistan's Ordnance Factory is getting arms help to Ukraine

Russia and Pakistan News: In the last few months, a lot of change is being seen in the attitude of Europe and America regarding Pakistan, about which Indian security agencies are also surprised. In fact, one of the biggest reasons behind this change towards Pakistan is the help of arms given to Ukraine by Pakistan. According to international media reports, Pakistan is supplying weapons to Ukraine with the help of Britain's Royal Air Force. According to some flight tracking website (Multiple Flight Tracking Website), the C-17 Globemaster of Britain's Royal Air Force made several landings from Romania to Pakistan's Nur Khan Airbase between August 6 and August 15 this year. Key's.

A secret air route between Britain and Pakistan

An online portal Riafan claimed in a report that a few days back, Pakistan was supplying weapons to Ukraine through Noor-Khan airbase in Rawalpindi and UK's C-17 Globemaster was landing in Romania, after which These arms and ammunition are being sent to the army of Ukraine. According to the report, a secret air route has been created between Britain and Pakistan, through which transport aircraft of the British Royal Air Force have landed in Romania without going through Iran and Afghanistan airspace.

Ukraine's Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence gave this statement

This report has come at a time when Ukraine needs a large amount of arms and ammunition to fight the Russian army. In June this year, Ukraine's Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence Vadym Skibitsky had given a statement saying that the war between Russia and Ukraine is an Artillery War. Russia is far ahead of us in this battle because the ammunition we had is now running out. Vadym Skibitsky also said in his statement that we are using 5000-6000 artillery rounds everyday against the Russian army.

What is the meaning of Britain and Pakistan coming together?

To strengthen Ukraine's fight against Russia, Britain claimed that it would supply Ukraine with around 20 cannons and around 50,000 Artillery Shells. Seeing Ukraine's need for Soviet-era 122 mm HOW HE-D30 rounds for artillery war against Russia, European countries turned to Pakistan. Let us tell you that Pakistan's Ordnance Factory manufactures 122 mm HOW HE-D30 rounds with such Soviet era which are of NATO standard. If seen, during the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, videos of similar 122 mm rounds made from Pakistan's Ordnance Factory being used against Russia by the Ukrainian Army went viral on social media.

Why is the US team in Pakistan's Ordnance Factory?

Exclusive documents available with Zee Media have revealed that a high-level team from America had come to visit Pakistan's Ordnance Factory, whose visit to Pakistan was kept very secret. This month, the American team that went to Pakistan between November 3 and November 10 went to Karachi and APR Sonmiani in Pakistan, where a program of live firing was also organized for this team. Not only this, the team had met several Ordnance Factory officials as well as officials of the Pakistan Army during their visit to Pakistan for about a week. The biggest question is why did the US team need to go to Pakistan's Ordnance Factory?

Pakistan is getting money from European countries.

If seen, in a report of French media, it has been revealed that an agreement has been reached between America, Pakistan and Britain under which to help Ukraine by purchasing ammunition from Pakistan. The way many international media reports in which British transport aircraft are landing in Romania using Pakistan's base and videos of Pakistani weapons being used in Ukraine have come to the fore, it seems that Pakistan is continuously shunning Russia. Helping Ukraine. According to some reports, in exchange for the weapons being procured from Pakistan, Pakistan is getting a lot of money from European countries.

Pakistan's help to Ukraine

Pakistan is helping Ukraine with weapons by going against Russia, it can increase Russia's problem. Recently, Russian MP Igor Morozov had claimed that Pakistan is helping Ukraine a lot and the technology of nuclear weapons has also been discussed between Ukraine and Pakistan. According to Igor, "Ukrainian experts have visited Pakistan and a delegation from Islamabad has also visited Ukraine to discuss the technology of making nuclear bombs."

European countries changed their attitude against Pakistan

The tone of America and European countries has suddenly changed towards Pakistan, the way Pakistan has come out of the gray list of FATF, as well as the deal has been signed with America once again on F-16 fighter jet package, experts believe that India America and European countries are trying to help Pakistan, bypassing all the objections, and the biggest reason behind this could be the supply of arms to Ukraine from Pakistan.

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