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Friday, November 11, 2022

Russia-Ukraine War: A live bomb found in soldier's chest, doctors were left stunned; Can't solve mystery

Bomb In Soldier's Chest: A live bomb has been found in the chest of a war-injured Russian soldier from Ukraine. Doctors have carefully operated and removed the bomb from the soldier's chest.

Ukrainian Bomb Mystery: The fierce war between Russia-Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, a news related to the war has come out which has surprised even the doctors. Actually, doctors have operated here and removed a live bomb from the chest of a Russian soldier. But the doctors are unable to understand that how did this bomb reach the heart of the soldier in the chest and why did it not explode?

Live bomb found in soldier's chest

According to a report published in the Daily Star, the name of this Russian soldier is Nikolay Pasenko. The Russian soldier was taking on the Ukrainian army on the frontline and during this he was seriously injured. When the Russian soldier was taken to the hospital for treatment, doctors found a live bomb in his chest during the operation. However, neither the doctor nor the soldier himself is able to tell how the live bomb reached his chest.

The mystery of the bomb in the chest is not being solved

Let us tell you that on Thursday, the Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed this incident. Russia's TASS news agency revealed that the soldier was treated by surgeons at the Mandrik Central Military Clinical Hospital in the Central Military District. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said the soldier had a chest wound, after which he was admitted to the hospital. Investigation revealed that miraculously a bomb reached his ribs and lungs without detonating.

There was a fear of explosion during the operation

He said there was a possibility of an explosion during the operation. But the doctors carefully removed the bomb from the chest of the wounded Russian soldier. The doctors got success in performing the surgery.

Significantly, the war between Russia and Ukraine started on 24 February last year. According to the US claim, so far more than 2 lakh soldiers of both countries have lost their lives in the war and millions have been displaced.

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