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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Relationship Tips: Why are many men unable to marry girlfriends despite their love for a long time? Here are 4 reasons

Relationship Mistakes: Every love doesn't result in marriage but have you ever noticed that boys are often responsible behind it? Let us know why some men are unable to marry their girlfriends.

Why A Boyfriend Can Love His Girlfriend But Can't Marry Her: Love is a very pleasant feeling, often when a boy is in school, college or job life, he definitely has a crush on some girl, who slowly- Slowly it starts turning into love. The love of some lucky man even reaches the relationship, but whenever it comes to marriage, it becomes difficult for him to take this decision. It has been seen in many cases that boys confess that they are very serious about their girlfriend, but despite this they cannot tie the knot, let's know why this happens

Reasons for not marrying girlfriend despite love

1. Public do not do the relationship

Many boys are in love relationship, but are afraid to make their relationship public, somewhere they are afraid of society. If you are serious about the relationship, then there should not be any fear of age, if you do not do this then you will not be able to do justice to the relationship.

2. Do not tell the parents,

if you are in a relationship with a girl for a long time, then to take the relationship forward, definitely connect your girlfriend with the parents, it is not necessary that you should tell your parents that this woman is your lover. Yes, you can also join as a friend and note the reaction of your parents. But even after the repeated insistence of the girl, if you are not getting the parents to meet, then the girl can break the relationship with you.

3. Many boys want to do arranged marriage

, they are very confused about their love life, they are definitely arrested in love with a girl, but have more faith in arranged marriage. They feel that love marriage cannot be successful, so they keep postponing marriage even after repeatedly asking girlfriends, and gradually this relationship comes to an end.

4. Wife who does not like a job,

many men start falling in love with a woman who is working somewhere, but those men do not like that their life partner remains working even after marriage. They want the wife to do only household chores and not talk about going to the office, in such a situation, many girlfriends break the relationship themselves, or because of this attitude, they automatically break up.

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