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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Recurrent Miscarriage: What is Re-current Miscarriage, Do not ignore these reasons

What is Re-Current Miscarriage: For a woman, becoming a mother is the happiest experience of her life. But some women remain deprived of it. Miscarriage is such an event that it can be extremely difficult to deal with or emerge from. Especially for those women who have gone through this phase time and again. Recurrent miscarriage is called re-current miscarriage in the medical term. This is a very painful incident for a woman, for which it is very important to know the reasons.

Re-current miscarriage has physical and mental effects on the woman.

Weak immunity can be the reason for frequent miscarriages.

Miscarriages that occur more than three times can be called recurrent miscarriages.

What is Recurrent Miscarriage: Miscarriage is not easy for any woman.veriwell familyAccording to this, in the early stages of pregnancy, the connection between the woman and the fetus becomes very strong. In such a situation, it can be very difficult to bear the pain of miscarriage. Many women have to face the problem of re-current miscarriage. Recognizing the symptoms of re-current miscarriage is sometimes difficult because it usually occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. It is very important to know what is re-current miscarriage and why it happens. So that it can be treated in time.

What is re-current miscarriage

Women who have had abortion more than three times in 20-21 weeks can be called re-current miscarriage. Re-current miscarriage can be due to some disease or previous miscarriage. Apart from this, problems in the development of the fetus can also cause it.

Possible causes of re-current miscarriage  

Physical reasons

Every woman's uterus is physically different, due to which her chances of successful pregnancy can be less and more. Sometimes abnormal size of the uterus and weakening of the cervix can also cause miscarriage. Miscarriage Cervical, fibroid, uterine injury or congenital problems can also increase the risk of miscarriage.

Blood clots Sometimes

blood clots that occur in the uterus can also cause miscarriage. This is called antiphospholipid syndrome in the medical term. Apart from this, a weak immune system can also be considered responsible for this.

Hormonal Causes

Hormonal problems can also cause recurrent miscarriages. Progesterone deficiency in the body can promote miscarriage. Apart from this, elevated prolactin, insulin resistance and thyroid disorder can also be the reason for re-current miscarriage.

Genetic Causes

Sometimes, the relationship between recurrent miscarriages can also be genetic. It can also be related to abortion in the family history of a woman or a man. There is usually less chance of having a genetic cause.

Re-current miscarriage is not common but it can be prevented by getting treatment at the right time. Contact the doctor to get more information about re-current miscarriage.

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