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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

'Mera Abdul Aisa Nahi', Marathi actress Ketki Chitale's post on Shraddha murder case in discussion

After all, why do girls like Shraddha Walkar become victims of Aftab Poonawalla? The Instagram and Facebook posts of famous Marathi actress Ketki Chitale are in discussion on this issue.

After all, why do girls like Shraddha Walkar fall in love with boys like Aftab Poonawalla, with such dire consequences? What is there in boys like Aftab Poonawala , which is not there in Sanatani Hindu boys? What quality do girls like Shraddha Walker see in Aftab Poonawalla type guys that they get attracted to? This question is being asked after the Shraddha murder case. Marathi actress Ketki Chitale has given the answer to this question through her Instagram and Facebook posts. This post of Ketki is becoming famous all over Maharashtra including Mumbai.

Shraddha Walkar rebelled against her parents and decided to be in a live-in relationship with Aftab Poonawala. Her father explained to her time and again but she only told her father that she is 25 years old and considers herself good and bad. He left his house for Aftab Poonawala. The same Aftab freed him from the world. Who is Ketki Chitale, whose post on Shraddha murder case is in discussion? Let us remind the readers that this is the same Marathi actress who wrote objectionable things for NCP chief Sharad Pawar in her post and because of this she had to go to jail.

'Sanatan boys you will also have to improve'

In her Instagram post written in Hindi in Roman script, Ketki writes, 'Sanatani boys, you will also have to improve. As long as you keep loving your hollow efforts, girls will be seen with Abdul, Aftab, Ahmed only, because in order to impress them, they give attention to girls and then kill them. You already reject and expect him to love you. wake up my country

Ketaki Chitale Instagram Post

'We are Sanatani only, and this advice suits girls'

A boy has commented on this post of Ketki Chitle. He has written, 'We are Sanatani only. And this advice looks good on girls. Long live Rama.'

'That's why Muslim girls don't get along with Sanatani boys...'

In response to this, Ketki Chitale writes, 'Because of this attitude of yours, Muslim girls don't get attracted to Sanatani boys, but Muslims earn money by getting girls in the right way.'

'My Abdul is not like this...'

In her Facebook post, Ketki wrote in Marathi, 'Mera Abdul aisa nahi. That's correct. Died herself, leaving behind her crying family. But at the time of being cut into 35 pieces, at the time of strangulation, there must be remorse, right? What would be happening to the family. My heart trembles even thinking about it. Girls, before you take your last breath, open your eyes and see (this time forever) Do you want to be erased? Will you still wake up from sleep?'

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