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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Beauty Tips: This is the real reason for chapped lips, adopting these tips will remain soft even in winter

Cracked Lips: Taking care of lips in winter is very important. If the lips are not taken care of, then the lips can become dry and cracked and many times due to the cracking, blood starts flowing from the lips. 

Lip Care Tips: Skin problems also start as soon as the winter season comes. Cracking lips is also a big problem these days. First of all, the havoc of winter rains on the lips and they get dry and burst. Cracked lips not only make the face look useless, but dry and cracked lips also cause irritability. There are several reasons for chapped lips. If the reasons for cracking of lips are known, then this problem can be avoided. We can also try some home remedies to prevent chapped lips. If you want to keep the lips soft, then it is important to know the causes of chapped lips and how to cure them. 

reasons for chapped lips

Dry air blowing during winters causes cracking of lips.

Too much sunlight can also be the reason for chapped lips. Such wind should be avoided.

Lips can also crack due to lack of water in the body. Since we drink less water in winter, our lips tend to crack.

In winter, due to having hard products like lipstick, lips also get cracked. Avoid using such things in winter.

If the lips are not moisturized, they crack quickly. Therefore, keep applying moisturizer or lip balm on the lips.

home remedies to keep lips soft

Using products with many chemicals can cause chapped lips. By applying these things on the lips, they can also turn black. We can remove dryness of lips and make chapped lips soft by using some things kept at home. 

Badam oil

The properties present in almond oil work to make the lips and skin soft. Before sleeping at night, apply almond oil on the lips and massage the lips for five minutes. In this way the skin of the lips will become soft. The use of almond oil will also make the lips pink. 

milk to me 

By applying cream, lips will become soft like cream. Apply cream on your lips before sleeping daily, this will remove the problem of chapped lips and the lips will become soft. You can also use rose water mixed with cream for fragrance. 

turmeric and milk

Make a paste by mixing turmeric with milk and apply it on the lips. By using turmeric on the lips in the same way every night, the wound of chapped lips will also be filled.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is used to heal chapped lips. Apply coconut oil as a lip balm 2-3 times a day. In this way the skin of the lips will be soft and the pain will also get relief.

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