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Monday, October 31, 2022

Why do married people get involved in Extra Marital Affairs? These are the 3 biggest reasons

Relationship Mistakes: Having an affair after marriage is not a legal crime in India, but it will be considered wrong on moral grounds, because you are cheating with your life partner, what is the reason behind doing so.

Main Reason For Extra Marital Affairs: After marriage, the relationship between husband and wife rests on the delicate thread of trust, if there is even a slight lack of trust, then there is a rift in the married life. Usually the trouble comes when suddenly a third person enters between the married couple. Some people get involved in extra marital affairs despite being married. Let us know why the husband or wife does such a thing.

Due to extra marital affairs

Lack of Attention Whether a

woman or a man, after marriage, if there is no involvement of the life partner in their life, then there can be a feeling of loneliness. The lack of attention plays a big role in this. Couples want that their every work should be praised, if they are not given full attention, then low confidence starts coming, in such a situation, they start finding their happiness in some other person, and then from here on extra marital affairs. begins to begin.

When a person wants emotional support,

when a person is newly married, then husband and wife do even after giving their lives for each other, but as time passes, the emotional attachment can decrease, many times the person in difficult situations. There is a desire to be a pamper and then he comes to the life partner to find the shoulder. If he does not get this support, then he finds someone else for emotional support.

Bitterness in Married Life

Married people often get into an affair because their married life is not going well. After the bitterness in the relationship, everyone looks for a better life. So accept the lack of partner and avoid fights as much as possible. It is a common thing to have estrangement between husband and wife, but it is bad to maintain it for a long time, the matter can be ended by apologizing.

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