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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Why are people sleeping with tape on their mouth, what is the mouth taping trend? Experts told dangerous

These days 'mouth taping' is very much in trend on Tiktok. 
People claim that it not only gives good sleep, but also does not cause snoring. However, experts have termed this trend as a terrible idea. So let's know what is this trend.

The 'world' of social media is also wonderful. There is no trend that people start following him immediately. They don't even think whether its result will be good or bad. These days , a similar trend is in the headlines on Tiktok , in which people are sleeping by sticking tapes on their mouths. It may sound strange, but it is happening. The name of this trend is mouth taping . It is being claimed that this not only gives good sleep, but also gets rid of snoring. However, experts have a different opinion regarding this trend. The #mouthtaping trend has been viewed over 38.5 million times on TikTok. Let's know about this strange trend.

This is not the first time that such dangerous trends have gone viral on Tiktok. You must remember the 'Turkey Teeth' trend. There was a lot of uproar about this too. Then the doctors had also issued an advisory to make people aware. Well, for the time being let's know about the 'mouth taping' trend.

What is mouth tapping trend?

People becoming a part of this trend try to breathe through their nose by sticking their lips with tape. Challengers use medical grade, which is skin friendly. It is being claimed that by doing this the mouth does not remain open while sleeping and the process of breathing through the nose is encouraged. It acts as a filter in the body, which helps in maintaining the body temperature.

Dangerous to health

David Shulman, president of the American College of Chest Physicians, has also not considered this to be correct. According to him, if you have sleep apnea, then do not do this at all. Dr. Shulman told that by doing this people can have difficulty in breathing, allergies, irritation of the lips from the tape and dry lips.

Dr. Katherine Bolling, a physician at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, has called this trend a 'terrible idea'. He warned people on Twitter that sleeping with tape over the mouth could cause serious harm. For example, if a person vomits when he is nervous or nauseous due to the closure of the mouth, then he is at risk of suffocating his own vomit. Experts have advised people to indulge in various breathing exercises that encourage breathing through the nose, rather than partake in such extravagant trends.

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