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Friday, October 14, 2022

Teachers cannot wear jeans-t-shirt and tight clothes in UP, new decree came

Muzaffarnagar District School Inspector Rajendra Kumar has issued an order that teachers should come wearing decent clothes. They did not come to school wearing jeans and t-shirts

A surprising case has come to light in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Here the teachers have been told that they did not come wearing jeans and t-shirts to teach in the school. Along with this, a warning has also been given about coming wearing tight clothes. If the DIOS of the district comes to school wearing jeans, t-shirts or tight clothes, if any teacher in any school college from class 6 to 12 , then strict action will be taken against him.

In fact, this order has been issued by the District School Inspector of Muzaffarnagar, Rajendra Kumar regarding discipline in schools. He says that now teachers will come to schools wearing decent clothes. Wearing bright tights and jeans t-shirt will not be allowed and if any teacher does not follow the orders, then action will be taken against him.

Women teachers have also been warned that if they come to schools wearing saris or suits, they should be polite. They have also been told that they should not come wearing tight clothes, as children in schools obey the teachers. Because of this, all these have a wrong effect on them.

Teachers should come dressed in decent clothes

Giving more details about this, the District Inspector of Schools, Muzaffarnagar, Rajendra Kumar said that it is a matter of discipline and discipline is very important in schools. Discipline should not be expected only from children. We should also expect discipline from teachers because when they are disciplined, then obviously it will have a good effect on the children too. He said that therefore it is expected that all the teachers should come to their schools wearing decent clothes.

Female teacher wear decent clothes

Rajendra Kumar told that decent means that you wear plain shirts and pants and do not wear bright flared clothes jeans t-shirts, these things have a wrong effect on children. The personality of the teacher is also not very good in this. He said that if you have to wear such clothes, then you should wear them at home for your personal use. But it will be mandatory for every teacher in the school to come wearing his shirt and pants.

He said that in the same way our female teachers should also be in decent clothes. If she wants to wear a sari or a suit, she should be polite too. Their clothes should not be too flimsy or tight. It is very important to take care of this thing.

These losses will happen if the rules are not followed

The District School Inspector said that most teachers are following it, but there are only a few teachers and principals who are still seen wearing T-shirts and jeans. It is my request that he should not come to school wearing such clothes. He said that if the order is not followed properly, then we will first issue a warning for it. After that disciplinary action will be taken. This is fixed by the department. There are rules of conduct under the code of conduct. Everyone has to follow this. Otherwise we will be forced to take action.

He said that in this first warning is given. Teachers are given a chance to rectify their mistake and if they do not correct then their bed entry will be done. The conduct of bed entry definitely affects the promotion increment and bonus. If the admission of educational institutions is good, then its effect lasts for a very long time.

It is necessary for the teacher to have a dress code

At the same time, Sunil Sharma, principal of DAV Inter College, says that it is a good thing that it is necessary for a teacher to have a dress code. The dress code was there even before, I am telling about my school. We already have a dress code here. No teacher comes in our jeans t-shirt.

He said that teachers already come here in the right dress. Teacher is a role model for children. There are many expectations from the teacher, so this is a very good thing and also necessary. Children follow the teacher, so the teacher should not wear such clothes in school.

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