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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Sridevi's 'English Vinglish' completes 10 years, these dialogues can inspire women

Sridevi won everyone's heart with her strong performance in 'English Vinglish'. This film has completed 10 years today. This film has inspired many women.

She did not know English and went to New York for a family wedding. Shashi played through Sridevi, who has to be constantly humiliated through her husband and daughter for not knowing English. ' English Vinglish ' is an inspiring story of a simple housewife from India and her patience in the face of adversity. She takes up challenges and with her willpower, self-esteem and overcomes every obstacle in the way of learning English language. He has created a new identity for himself. In the end, she emerges as a strong, independent woman.

Here are 10 dialogues from 'English Vinglish' that will inspire every woman to pursue her dreams-

In a conversation with Laurent about food and cooking, Shashi says, "Mard cooks food toh art." If you make a woman, then it is her duty.

During the speech at the wedding, Shashi says, “You have to help yourself. No one can help you better than you."

"The first time comes only once."

During the speech at the wedding, Shashi says that family is the only one who will never make you feel small. Family is the only one who will never laugh at your weaknesses.

After class, Shashi talks to Laurent about her feelings and says, after a long time someone has treated me like this. Was just a little surprised.

Shashi tells Laurent at the wedding, "Thank you for making me feel good about myself."

On David sir being gay, Shashi says, we are all different. David sir is not normal for you. Maybe you are not normal for David sir. But the heart is the heart, isn't it? Pain is only pain.

Shashi says during the end of the marriage, when you do not like yourself, then everything related to you does not look good. Attracts new things. When you start loving yourself, then the same old life starts looking new, it starts looking good.

During a conversation between two officers at the airport, an officer says, "If you don't know English, how will you manage in our country?" To this the other officer replied saying, "Like you are managing in our country without knowing Hindi."

On not appearing in the English test , Shashi says, “If you fail in your subject, then what is the use of passing in another subject?”

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