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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Question on expensive temple in UAE, now target of Kali temple in Bangladesh

According to the information, unknown people attacked a Kali temple in Bangladesh. At the same time, the voices of protest are also rising on the new Hindu temple built in UAE.

After the protest against the newly built Hindu temple in Dubai , now news of attack on Hindu temple in Bangladesh has come. It is being told that unknown people attacked a Kali temple in Bangladesh. In the attack, they ransacked and also destroyed the established deity idol. Let us tell you that for the last 10 days, the festival of Durga Puja was going on in Bangladesh. Immediately after this the attack was done in a planned manner. The police gave this information on Friday. Police is trying to find the unknown accused.

In many places in the country and in the world, reports of attacks and vandalism on Hindu temples are continuously coming out. Recently on October 4, a grand Hindu temple has been inaugurated in Jabel Ali, Dubai. The temple has been opened to the general public for darshan. On this, the writer there Abdullah Almadi has opposed it in a tweet. Almadi has written that what is the need of this temple. Explaining the basis of his protest, he has written that Muslims are also being attacked in India.

Kali temple attacked in Bangladesh

When people from the temple administration reached the Kali temple in Dautia village of Zhenaidah district in Bangladesh, they found fragments of the broken idol lying. The upper part of the idol was found on the road half a kilometer away from the temple premises. This Kali temple is a very old temple. Many people have described the incident of this attack on the temple as sad.

Protest against new Hindu temple in Dubai

The grand Hindu temple built in Dubai's Jabel Ali has recently been started for the people. The idols of 16 gods and goddesses are installed in this temple and a grand puja was organized last month, after which it has been started for the common people on the 4th of this month. A UAE writer has protested against this temple by tweeting. He wrote in the tweet that, 'It is very strange, where on one hand fanatic Hindus are destroying Muslim mosques in India. In such a situation, a Hindu temple has been built in UAE, it is unreasonable and unfair.

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