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Friday, October 14, 2022

Now the battery of the phone will not run out quickly, follow this special trick

These days smartphones come with big, bright screens and high features. All these things consume more battery. At present, users are largely dependent on smartphones, so it is important to know the ways to save battery. See here special tips to save battery.

Every user is troubled by the problem of quickly draining the battery of the smartphone. The body of the latest smartphone is quite thin. At the same time, due to the bright and big screen, the battery consumption is high. Apart from this , there are many reasons like faster processor , more background softwares, faster internet connection etc., which drain the battery quickly. At present, there are smartphones equipped with more powerful battery than 5,000mAh battery in the market. But looking at the current situation, this is also insufficient, so here's a special trick to make the battery last longer.

Phone battery will last longer with these 10 tricks

  1. Decrease Brightness: The screen of the smartphone drains the most battery. Irrespective of the display of the mobile, there is bound to be tremendous consumption of battery. So set the brightness according to the need. Keep the brightness as low as possible.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: There are times when users keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on even when they are not working. In such a situation, your smartphone keeps searching for nearby connections, which consumes a lot of battery. So keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not needed.
  3. Turn off background app refresh: Apps consume a lot of battery even when not in use. The biggest reason for this is background app. So keep data saver on in your mobile. Apart from this, background refresh of a particular app can also be turned off.
  4. Keep internet off: Continuous internet running drains the battery quickly. Therefore, mobile data should be turned off when not needed.
  5. Use Smart Battery Mode: Smart Battery Mode feature is available in most of the smartphones. Users can use it to save battery.
  6. Turn off location: If your location is on all the time, the battery is bound to run out quickly. Therefore, it is better to keep the location off the mobile when it is not needed.
  7. Use Dark Mode: As already mentioned, the mobile screen drains the battery more. Users can make the battery last longer by using dark mode in the phone.
  8. Turn off NFC: Modern smartphones offer Near Field Communication (NFC) feature to use credit cards. If you're not shopping, keep this feature turned off.
  9. Solar Panel: Users can use a solar panel charger when they are out somewhere or while traveling to a particular destination. There are many portable solar panels available in the market, which charge the mobile. With this you will get the benefit of extra battery.
  10. Power bank: Smartphones are used a lot in everyday tasks. It is not possible to keep the mobile on the charger point all the time. Therefore, users can give extra battery power to the phone by using a portable power bank.

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