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Friday, October 21, 2022

Festive Season: What is binge eating, ignore it like this

During the biggest festive season of the year i.e. Diwali, there is a different vibe of celebration through outfits and decorations. Meanwhile, preparing a variety of things or bringing food from the market doubles the fun of the celebration. Seeing Tasty Foods, usually everyone's mind is shaken and without thinking about health, people consume a lot of sweet, salty or other foods. Sugar or food craving is also a type of binge eating, in which a person is unable to live without eating his favorite food.

Are you also looking for ideas to avoid binge eating this season? Let us tell you how you can take care of your health by ignoring binge eating during Diwali party or any function.

Do this before going to the party

If you want to be a part of Diwali party or any function then you should try one trick before leaving. Tasty foods will be present in the party, which is difficult to stop seeing. In such a situation, you should consume homemade food properly even before going to the party. By adopting this trick, you will not feel hungry in the party and you will also be able to avoid binge eating.

Avoid eating this type of food

If you have not been able to eat home food before going to the party, then after attending it, do not eat such foods, which are more oily. Instead of deep fried food, you should eat healthy food items like salad.

Keep this in mind

To avoid binge eating, always keep some things related to food and drink in your mind. Even if you are in the party, but definitely ask yourself whether you should eat the thing once eaten again or not.

Avoid alcohol

If you are going to be a part of the party and there are things made of alcohol, then prepare yourself mentally beforehand. You have to keep in mind that how much alcohol intake is right for you. Alcohol is high in calories and due to this it can increase body weight twice as fast. Such things also affect the nutrients present in the body.

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